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But wait!

Before you run off to study the functional Groups solutions, let me ask you something.

What is your process for studying functional groups?

Is it a never-ending cycle of questions and solutions?

What if you get stuck?

What if it’s the WHY and HOW that you’re missing?

Do you feel you need more than just a set of ‘solutions’?

If so, please read this letter below CAREFULLY


Dear Organic Chemistry Student,

Leah FischAre you struggling with your organic chemistry course? Do you get lost attempting to follow reactions and mechanism details only to find yourself engaging in a losing battle of broken bonds and wandering electrons?

Do you try your hardest to follow along during lecture, yet still fall behind? Perhaps your professor is moving too quickly, or you simply fail to understand what he/she is talking about. Perhaps you DO understand the information when you study, but suddenly find yourself overwhelmed when faced with homework questions you’ve never seen before?

Have you considered enlisting the help of a private tutor but find your hectic work/life schedule, or strain on your budget telling you otherwise?

If so, I know exactly how you feel. When I first took organic chemistry, I entered with warnings of nightmarish exams and high anticipation of failure. There were so many reactions to learn and mechanisms to study, that I found I barely had time to breath. I had no idea what I was getting into, had nowhere to turn to for help. After falling hopelessly behind I wound up withdrawing from the course.

When I signed up to take the course again, I vowed to ace it this time around. I wasn’t going to allow this class to lower my GPA. When I took the class again I was also working for the school’s learning center tutoring biology and leading a Supplemental Instruction Program teaching science students how to learn.

Understanding how to learn was the key. This new approach to learning is what made all the difference in my organic chemistry course the second time around. While organic chemistry appears to be a subject composed of hundreds of individual reactions, reagents and concepts to memorize, that is in fact not the case. When approaching the subject with this expectation, the natural reaction is to memorize, memorize, and memorize.

But I realized that when I memorize, I forget. And forgetting concepts and information does not bode well for test taking. And so I studied the material in great detail, looking for similarities and patterns. By identifying the similarities between reactions, and recognizing the patterns of chemical reactivity, I was able to break down a seemingly complex course into its bare bone basics. Basics that made sense based on a foundation of logic and understanding.

And just like that the difficulty associated with organic chemistry diminished. It didn’t become ‘easy’ but it became doable. I began to recognize organic chemistry for the complex and intricate puzzle that it represents. While my classmates found their homework difficult, I found the challenge exciting. When my classmates entered exams in a state of panic, I sat down with determination. And when their exams papers were pulled from their desks mid-problem, I turned in my exam in with confidence knowing that I had attempted and every single question.

I began working with fellow students and sharing my approach. I showed them how I broke down the material and how to recognize reaction patterns. We studied together for hours with a heavy focus on understanding rather than memorization. We worked through homework problems together, studied for exams together, and single handedly destroyed the grading curve by consistently scoring 20-40 points above the class average.

What about you?

How would it feel if you had the means to break down the organic chemistry subject material in a similar manner? If you had a means to learn the information with a foundation based on scientific concepts rather than memorizing names of reactions and reagents.

How would your progression through the course change if you were shown the reasoning behind every reaction, so that you can understand the patterns of reactivity. To the point where you find yourself studying reactions rather than memorizing names and products?

Would that save you hours of study? Would that make the course less frustrating? And dare I say, would your 1 or 2 semester organic chemistry course potentially change from a frightening requirement to an enjoyable challenge?

And what if, when  you get stuck, or can’t seem to find the patterns or concepts of a question, would it make a difference to your study efforts and sanity if you had the means to ask questions and receive a quick but detailed conceptual response? All without having to chase a busy professor or search for a suitable time and location to meet with your busy study group partners?

If so, I have created the ultimate resource that will change the way you feel about organic chemistry for the duration of your studies

Introducing: The Organic Chemistry Study Hall

Organic chemistry is a unique and exciting course. Yes it IS difficult, but it can be mastered with the correct approach. My goal with the Study Hall is to provide you with the ultimate learning experience. I want to give you all the tools and resources to learn the information the RIGHT WAY, to develop proper study habits and skills, and to share with you the tricks of UNDERSTANDING so that you actually GET the information rather than resorting to futile memorization

Tutoring Replacement when Time and Budget Get In The Way

In working with organic chemistry students over the years I have noticed a series of patterns. This includes a list of topics that students find difficult, but more important, an understanding of WHY students struggle with these topics. I’ve also developed and perfected a series of shortcuts, explanations of concepts, and approaches to problems that make sense, are easy to learn, and even easier to apply.

But more importantly, having worked with so many students, I have a general idea of the concepts that are missing and foundations that are required. But working with a handful of students individually limits the amount of information that can be shared. Both by the time constraint of my tutoring schedule, the hectic work/life schedule experienced by students, and monetary limitations that prevent students from scheduling the weekly 5-10 tutoring hours that would be ideal

After all, wouldn’t you learn so much more if you were able to work with a tutor every day for at least 2 hours a day? This would ensure that when you get stuck on a concept, you have the solution right there. When you have questions you get the answers fairly quickly, and when you need to test yourself, you have someone to provide you with practice questions along with detailed step by step solutions and explanations. And best of all, wouldn’t it be ideal if this tutor or resource was available whenever YOU find yourself with free time? Say… the half hour before the kids wake up, the 2 hours after you get off work, or even 1:30 in the morning?

The Organic Chemistry Study Hall DOES ALL OF THAT

I created the Organic Chemistry Study Hall with all of those concerns in mind. As a member of the Study Hall you will have access to a number of resources that will allow you to learn difficult information as often as needed, and at whatever times best fit your hectic schedule.

This is accomplished in the 3 major components of the Study Hall

2x/month Live Review Sessions

SH video notesI conduct 2 monthly live review sessions using a screen sharing program in conjunction with a tablet PC. This allows you to view my screen as I explain a concept, draw out related diagrams, and bring the concepts to life by working through mechanisms step-by-step in full color. You can attend these sessions from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to attend from any location with internet access, while at school, the library, or even sitting comfortably at home in your pajamas

Every live session is specific to a single topic requested by the Study Hall members. After all, the best way to master the material is to take part in the learning process. This is why I keep every session interactive asking questions along the way and challenging you to think beyond your current comfort level (I like tricky questions). You get to ask follow-up questions every step of the way to ensure that you are fully confident with the material being presented.

Unlimited Access to Past Video Recordings – including the Functional Groups Quiz

“But what if I can’t make a session due to a schedule conflict?”

“What If I won’t be covering this week’s material until next month?”

SH topics 1Every live session is recorded and edited for clarity and brevity. Recordings are posted to the membership site within a few days for unlimited replays. This, in my opinion, is the ultimate student aid. If you need to review a topic at 3am the night before an exam, you can watch a video. If you need extra time to digest the material, simply hit rewind or replay as often as you require. If 2 am is when you finally get a break from the kids or your hectic worth schedule, that is when you can pop in a set of headphones and watch the videos

Every video is posted in the membership site along with a video index breaking down topics covered in that video. If you need a single quick explanation found at 32 minutes in, move the slider to 32 and get your solution. You will also be able to download a PDF of the notes taken during the session so you can follow along if desired

Including a video of step-by-step video solutions to the functional groups quiz

“What if I have a question on something taught on the video?”

Chances are, if you have a question on a topic covered, another student who attended the live session likely asked a similar question. Perhaps you didn’t even realize that you had a question until it was asked. These videos will help you learn and understand, not only based on the material presented, but also from the explanations provided to the other students on the call


Exclusive Facebook Group

Study Hall Facebook Page Screenshot“But What If I still Have Questions?”

I realize that tutorials and Q&A videos are not enough. Perhaps you have additional questions that were not asked, or perhaps have questions that simply cannot wait till the next live session. This is why I created an exclusive Facebook group for the Study Hall community to band together, share goals, and help each other with questions and suggestions.

Unlike your classroom, there is no competition in the Facebook Group. With students NOT competing for grades, everyone is there to help each other and work through problems together

I personally log on to the Facebook group on a daily basis and typically reply to posted questions within 24-48 hours. HOWEVER if you happen to catch me when I am logged in (which is typically always) you may receive your reply in as little as 5 minutes. I am told I spend too much time on Facebook, but my students don’t complain ;)

How Can The Study Hall Impact Your Life?

I want you to imagine for a moment, what the Study Hall would mean for your organic chemistry learning experience, exam preparation and overall grades.

How much calmer will you feel, knowing that when you struggle with a topic you can simply log into the membership site and watch a video explaining every aspect in logical detail?

How good will you feel knowing that when you have a question you can simply post it to the members group and expect a detailed answer explaining rather than telling you the information, in just a matter of hours?

And how restful will you feel, no longer losing sleep over this course, knowing that you will approach tomorrows quiz/exam with confidence?

And best of all, how much better can you breathe knowing that you no longer have to hunt down tutors and study groups at inconvenient hours of the day, battle traffic to get there, and juggle between life and learning, knowing that the Study Hall will be there for you when YOU have the time?

Sounds Awesome! But a Resource Like This MUST BE Expensive

You’re absolutely correct, this is a very exclusive program. But before you run off in a panic, let’s take a look at everything you will receive as a member, keeping in mind that I regularly charge my tutoring clients $100 per hour session

  • 2/month topic-specific organic chemistry review sessions with Live Q&A
    (value $100 each = $200+/month)
  • Unlimited access to all past session recordings (50+ posted, new sessions added regularly)
    (value $100 each = $5,000+ total)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group to post unlimited questions for myself and the group
    ($500+/month value for daily or weekly questions)
  • Confidence to ace your Organic Chemistry course on YOUR schedule and testing needs
    (value = priceless)

The total value of this program comes to over $5,000, and that’s just for the first month. If you were to hire a local tutor (or me) to teach you this information you’d be paying 4-figures and more. I regularly charge my clients $100 per hour for the very same subject material contained in the Study Hall. And with over 50 hours of information you can easily spend $4,500 or more to learn this information

However, I’ve put together a special offer for you today. If you join the Study Hall right now it will be just $99 $79 today, and $99 $79 every additional month for as long as you choose to remain a member. That’s less than the price of a single hour of private tutoring with me.

This is a no-contract, stay as long as you like, cancel anytime membership

Perhaps you’re wondering if the Study Hall is right for you. Let me ask you this, can you afford NOT to join the Study Hall? Can you afford to continue struggling with the information?

Do you have the time to waste hours of reading that doesn’t answer your questions, and then waste additional hours working on homework problems when you don’t really understand how and why to derive the correct answers?

Can your overall grade and GPA afford another low score on your next quiz or exam?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you personally will see the same benefits experienced by dozens of previous Study Hall members?

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself

Here’s What My Members Have To Say:

“Using the Organic Chemistry Study Hall was absolutely one of the best decisions I could have possibly made for a better grade. Like most people, I was scared for Orgo and really needed help. The Study Hall was amazing because whenever I didn’t understand an idea, a topic, or even a chapter, I easily found everything I needed to review. Leah explains everything is such a way that related more to me, which definitely helped a lot. The videos are so explicit and Leah dedicated so much time to answering any questions I had. The fact that the Study Hall was so interactive with live topic reviews and other Orgo students answering each others questions was the best and most helpful part. I learned so much more then I did in class and without the Study Hall, I would not have passed Orgo with flying colors. Thanks Leah!!!”

“I think that I have already learned more in the last day or so than I have since August and also have more confidence in my studying. This is awesome!”