Work with me in the MCAT Study Hall Self Study Level

Leah Fisch Leah4sci MCAT Study HallDo you find yourself daydreaming about the white coat ceremony,
only to realize you still have the big MCAT hurdle in your way?

Are you overwhelmed by everything you have to accomplish to take this exam?

Do you just want it to just go away so that you can FINALLY start medical school? Just one step closer to your dream of becoming a physician?

Let me help you figure it out


MCAT Self Study Monthly Option-
Pay just $199/month, cancel anytime

As a founding member, use coupon MCAT25 to save 25% off all payments and pay just $149.25 per month!

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While I can’t make the MCAT go away, I can help simplify the process.

Let’s face it, the MCAT is a tough exam.

Just think about your friends reactions when you explain, “it’s a 7.5 hour exam testing you on 3 years worth of information.”

First, their jaw drops in disbelief.
Then they dismiss it, ‘oh don’t worry, you’re smart so you’ll do okay. I believe in you.’

And when you don’t do well right away,
You start to doubt yourself.

“Am I really cut out for this?
Am I smart enough to become a doctor?”

You start doubting YOURSELF instead of the process.

So you turn to the internet,

But there’s so much conflicting advice.
Perhaps even join a popular, big successful company prep course,
Only to realize …it’s taught by a student who did well on the exam last year.
But isn’t necessarily cut out to teach.

Or worse, they don’t even know enough TO teach you the information.

So you seek help from your premed advisor,

Who’s experience comes from…Google.

And scares you into believing that unless you have a ‘perfect GPA’ and ‘perfect MCAT’ score,
With a complete application submitted in June,
you’re not getting into medical school.

The advice may be sound… in a perfect scenario,
But it doesn’t account for everything that makes you, YOU!

Your hectic schedule balancing school, or work, or family, or all 3.
That ‘perfect’ plan doesn’t account for your low grade in undergrad physics,
Or that its been so many years since you’ve seen chemistry.

How are you supposed to succeed if you can’t fit yourself into the ‘premed ideal’?

The answer is simple,

It’s not you,

It’s them!

As much as I’ve taught science, and strategy and more,
my students have taught ME: if you want it hard enough,

And you WORK hard enough,
You WILL reach your goals.

Does everyone take the traditional path to get there?
Definitely Not!

And those students who struggled the most are so much more appreciative of their success as a result.

You are your own #1 key to success

The ability to keep going no matter what,
No matter how many naysayers come around.

BUT the determination alone is not enough!
How do you know you’re on the right track?

It’s not just about the HOURS spent studying,
Do you know WHERE to invest that time?

How many times have you looked up from studying,
Only to realize 10 hours passed and you’re not sure what you’ve accomplished?

Most programs out there, guided or self study, are pretty generic.

Do this, follow that schedule, and success will come.

That never really works for too long, does it?

You get really motivated: your passion and fire are reignited to study hard and make your dream of med school a reality.

And you go, go, go!

Till you get stuck.
Or hit a plateau:
You get frustrated,
Start doubting yourself,
Other things start to become more enticing than MCAT studies,

And before you know it, you’re completely off track.
How are you ever going to get through so much information?

How will you ever remember it all? And be able to apply it in one single 7.5 hour exam?

Success comes from following the right strategy,

The right CUSTOM strategy that takes you, ALL OF YOU, into consideration.

I’ve helped hundreds of premeds ace their MCAT.
On their own terms. 

How? With guided MCAT prep through the MCAT Study Hall.
Because you’re not a robot, and cannot be expected to fit a generic program.

The MCAT Study Hall

Custom guided MCAT Prep to help you reach YOUR goals on YOUR own terms.

There are 3 key pillars to succeeding on the MCAT

  1. Foundation – it’s not a content exam, but you still need a rock-solid content foundation to tackle passages and questions; knowing your weaknesses, strengthening them, filling in the gaps, and then maximizing your strengths for your best scores.
  2. Strategy – have a living, breathing plan from Day 1, and know exactly what to do every step of the way; Create a road map of your goals with reachable milestones and measurable checkpoints, and accountability every step of the way.
  3. Support – it’s so easy to lose your way, to feel overwhelmed and alone, and you can’t afford to give up now. You don’t have to do this alone, especially when questions arise.

Here’s how the MCAT Study Hall Self Study Level will help you reach your goals:


  • Complete MCAT Science Bootcamps taught following the AAMC outline+ Full Color PDF Notes
    – MCAT Physics Bootcamp ($499 value)
    – MCAT General Chemistry Bootcamp ($499 value)
    – MCAT Organic Chemistry Bootcamp ($499 value)
    – MCAT Biology Bootcamp ($499 value)
    – MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp ($499 value)
    – Foundations in MCAT Math ($499 value)
    – Amino Acids Mini Bootcamp ($149 value)
    – MCAT Math (– without a calculator) Mini Bootcamp ($149 value)
  • CARS & Scientific Journal Reading Practice and General Strategy Sessions
  • Access to Bonus Sessions (more in-depth workshops taught regularly)
  • (Currently NO psych/soc bootcamps as I don’t yet feel qualified to teach but I will guide you through this topic – already have 5 students with 132 in P/S!)

A Solid MCAT Prep Strategy

  • Strategy Bootcamp to create the initial framework for your custom plan ($199 value)
    – How to choose targets, set goals, measure progress
    – Creating a custom daily/weekly study plan with clear goals
    – How to structure your study blocks for maximum progress in each phase
    – Creating your week to week study calendar with clear milestones and evaluation points
    – How to review full lengths to identify where to invest your ongoing efforts to raise your scores.
  • Office Hours – Chat with me at least twice a month during group office hours ($199 value)–currently experimenting with weekly OH sessions
    – Evaluate your goals
    – Review your study plan
    – Review your progress calendar with clear goals, + milestones and checkpoints along the way 
  • Strategy Session Add-on member option.
    (members can purchase additional one on one strategy sessions for $149 as desired)

Ongoing Support and Guidance (Value = priceless?)

  • 2 per month Live Sessions(currently experimenting with weekly sessions) recorded and posted to library with PDF notes
    + Office Hours to evaluate as things change
    – Evaluate your progress to date and identify potential improvement
    – Review your daily/weekly study schedule
    – Review your backwards calendar
    – Discuss your exam review table to identify key areas for improvement
    – General strategy questions to ensure you have what you need to move forward
    – Practice and review sessions as requested by members
    – Bonus sessions and additional office hours regularly
  • Members only Facebook support and tutoring group
    – Post tutoring / study / book / passage / FL review questions
    – Ask for advice
    – Share resources
    – Share milestones (or vent frustrations) with a group of like-minded students
    – Interact with former students who can guide you about their journey from applications to interviews and acceptances.
    – Daily accountability and weekly analysis to ensure you remain on track and overcome challenges as they may arise. Post your progress to the group for regular evaluation

Since the study hall is a custom program,
and you already have enough deadlines and pressure,

I’ve set it up as a ‘pay as you go’ program.
If you need just 1 month, sign up then cancel after your exam.

I want to make sure you have no excuses and nothing standing in your way.

The study hall is just $199 each month until you choose to cancel.

When you sign up you’ll be charged every ~30 days till you cancel.
No commitments and you can cancel anytime.

If you’re testing in 3 months, sign up, then cancel after 3 months.

If you’re not sure when to test that’s ok, that’s what the custom aspect is all about.
We’ll figure it out together!

Show up to as many office hours as you can and we’ll keep evaluating where you’re at to map out your next steps.

Monthly Option (cancel anytime) –
Pay just $199/month, cancel anytime

Use coupon MCAT25 to save 25% off all payments and pay just $149.25 per month!


By signing up for the Study Hall, you are agreeing to the terms of use

Need at least 3 months? Prepay your first 3 months for just $549 (save 9%) $411.75 today Enroll Here

I thought the physics bootcamp helped a lot because it really broke the concepts down to the fundamentals so I genuinely had a better understanding instead of just memorizing formulas. – Kayla

As discussed above, there are 3 main pillars to MCAT success.

Here’s how the MCAT Study Hall Self Study Level will help you reach your goals.

A Solid Content Foundation

While the MCAT is NOT a content exam, you still need to understand and master THREE YEARS worth of undergraduate level science. Note that I didn’t say ‘memorize’.

You must learn, understand, and be able to apply it all to MCAT-style passages and difficult reasoning questions.

The MCAT Study Hall features a full science bootcamp library (no psych/soc, see below) to teach the pertinent information AND be sure you really understand. 

Learning science can be like drinking from the firehose:
Too much information coming at you too quickly.
You attempt to cram and memorize it all.

But it’s just disjointed overwhelming information.

And let’s face it, was your professor that good? And if yes, do you REALLY remember it all?

Good news: Every MCAT Study Hall video teaches as if you haven’t taken the class, or forgot it all!

You’ll get concepts facts and equations.
You’ll also get the LOGIC, the why and how.

Each of the bootcamps are taught following along with the AAMC outline.
While MCAT books are recommended (to verify that you’ve mastered everything),
the videos can serve as your primary learning source for all of the MCAT sciences.

The MCAT Study Hall Library contains the following science bootcamps:

(These are the same MCAT Bootcamps for sale on my website and in live workshops – all part of the study hall library.)

  • MCAT Physics Bootcamp ($499 value)
  • MCAT General Chemistry Bootcamp ($499 value)
  • MCAT Organic Chemistry Bootcamp ($499 value)
  • MCAT Biology Bootcamp ($499 value)
  • MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp ($499 value)

In addition to the complete science bootcamps, we currently have 2 additional ‘mini’ bootcamps:

  1. MCAT Amino Acids Mini Bootcamp ($149 value)
    Since this is THE MOST POPULAR topic to show up on C/P AND B/B section of EVERY SINGLE test to date
  2. MCAT Math Without A Calculator Mini Bootcamp ($149 value)
    Since you’re not allowed to have a calculator during the exam, but you’re still asked to carry out multi-step conversions, especially on the C/P section.

No psych/soc.

Unlike many MCAT ‘teachers’ out there, I believe that you must be proficient in a topic to teach it.
I have never taken psych/soc and while I am self-studying on my own time, I do not yet feel ‘qualified’ to teach it at the same level as I can present a difficult orgo, physics, or other science topic. However I can still guide you in how to prepare for this P/S section and already have 4 former members who’ve earned a perfect 132 in this section.

A Custom Yet Effective MCAT Strategy

Ask 1,000 new medical students about their premed experience and you will get one thousand UNIQUE backstories, none of them similar to yours.

You are not a ‘generic MCAT student’ who can fit into a generic computer generated study plan.

The key to your success is to identify YOUR strengths, YOUR weaknesses, and figure out an approach that works for YOU. One that takes your background and history into account, along with your availability due to study style/endurance, as well as work, family, school and other life commitments.

This process is already stressful and costly enough, why make it any more painful by wasting time or money on something that isn’t customized to your needs?

The MCAT Study Hall will help you come up with the right initial strategy FOR YOU.
We set milestones and checkpoints.

We identify YOUR strengths and weaknesses as well as areas for improvement. We’ll be mindful of YOUR background, availability due to YOUR study style and endurance. We’ll incorporate YOUR work, family, school, and other life commitments. Then evaluate and pivot every step of the way.

The first step is a solid plan from day one. Your first Study Hall assignment will be to review the MCAT Strategy Bootcamp ($199 value) where you will learn:

  • How to choose your goals and targets, measure your progress and calculate results.
  • How to set up an initial draft daily/weekly study schedule without burning out.
  • Learn how to structure your individual study blocks so that your study time invested yields maximum results.
  • Create your backwards study calendar complete with target dates for each milestone and checkpoint, with realistic and ideal results.
  • Learn how to review each full length exam so that you know HOW to invest your efforts so that your scores go up with each full length.
  • The specially designed Study Hall Member – Accountability and Tracking spreadsheet – Track progress and results without being overwhelmed!  It will equip you to keep tabs of weekly subject-specific and content progress, exam review goals, backwards calendar, exam review templates, and more.

Ongoing Strategy as your progress

Most MCAT programs give you a schedule to follow and that’s it.
You either stick to it or you’re a failure.
I believe that’s unfair as it doesn’t take the YOU component into account.

Not only for your initial strategy, but also when life happens and things change.

As a Study Hall member you get ongoing strategy and guidance throughout your entire journey as follows:

  • Two Monthly Live Sessions (currently experimenting with weekly office hours) which can range from student requested review topics, practice, or office hours. Every student can submit a schedule/calendar/review table or ask questions. We’ll work out a new plan accordingly.
  • My help and daily support in the FB group (see below). Post your updates, questions and concerns in the group and I will help you plan out or evaluate your next steps. Plus you’ll also get encouragement and insight from others in similar situations within the group.

Additional Strategy, Practice, and Guidance.

In addition to the science and strategy sessions listed above, the study hall also includes how-to videos, practice videos, strategy videos, and more to help you with additional MCAT aspects from:

  • What to expect on test day
  • How to prepare for the exam (physically, mentally, what to bring… )
  • How to approach the exam/passages
  • Critical reading and analysis for CARS and scientific passages with a focus on speed, endurance and comprehension.
  • How to approach graphs/charts/tables in scientific passages

And so much more as students request additional topics.

Due to copyright laws the study hall does not have many solved practice passages as permission would be required to use another company materials. We currently have permission from Next Step to solve 2 passages per section in one exam which will be coming soon.

A Solid Support System

Let’s start by confirming that you are ‘atypical’: You are investing months of effort into an exam, go into debt to KEEP studying for 4 years, so  you can then work long crazy hours, all to help OTHER people!!

“You studied last month, and you’re still studying for the exam?” ~ A student’s Aunt
“Oh, I’m not worried about you, you were always the smart one” ~ A student’s friend
“But you’re such a good student, how come it’s taking you weeks to improve by just a few points?” ~ Student’s parent

Unless they are doctors, your family/friends can’t really understand. They may be there for you, genuinely support you.

They think they get it,
But they really can’t get it. They have no way to.

And that makes you feel alone, very quickly.

Especially when the premed path doesn’t follow the straight line of
High school -> college -> med school.

They may think it’s a fad or a pipe dream,
And their thoughts can sometimes get inside your head.

The Study Hall Support and Tutoring Group

That’s why the study hall includes a support and tutoring group.

To remind you on a daily basis that you are not alone. You are not (completely) insane, and there are others going through exactly what you’re going through. NO COMPETITION. We are all here to help you reach your dreams, whatever roundabout path it may take.

Daily Accountability

Every day you will see an inspiring photo and quote pop up in the group asking for your day’s study goals.

Daily accountability will keep you motivated, inspired, and on track. You’ve written it out for yourself, and others! You can see your goal. How can you let others down once you’ve committed to it in public (this is not required if you find it too intense).

Study Questions and General Help

  • Need help with a topic?
  • Looking for additional resources on anything?
  • Want to share an awesome resource
  • Question from your book or video?
  • Trouble with practice questions, practice passages or your full length exam review?

These are exactly the questions you can be posting to the group to get help on a daily basis.

You will get help, guidance and support from myself,
from the other members who are going through the very same thing as you,
and from former members who have already tested but are hanging around the group to provide additional motivation and moral support.

And last but not least, sometimes you just need a healthy place to vent.

Bad study day, lower than expected full length score, anything that just needs a supportive audience, then we’re here for you. Yes, you can also share THAT to the group. As I said, sometimes our friends and family don’t understand.

Monthly Option (cancel anytime) –

Pay just $199/month, cancel anytime

Use coupon MCAT25 to save 25% off all payments and pay just $149.25 per month!


By signing up for the Study Hall, you are agreeing to the terms of use

Need at least 3 months? Prepay your first 3 months for just $549 (save 9%) $411.75 today Enroll Here

“Most test prep companies throw material at you in such big fancy words that it’s difficult to understand. Leah is very accessible, as she will respond back to you in a very quick and timely manner, whereas some other big name companies will not communicate with you personally.” –  Ruhani

The Study Hall For Each Phase

The study hall is a custom program by nature, which means you can sign up and begin at any time (earlier in the process is always better), and get specific help for exactly where you are RIGHT NOW in your MCAT journey.

Phase 1 Students

If you’re in the early stages of content, or haven’t started yet, the study hall will help you set up a proper long term plan with the short term goals. Create your solid content schedule, a baseline MCAT score, while still getting in enough practice to keep you mentally prepared for the long term goal.
And of course in depth content bootcamps teaching you all the required sciences (except P/S) to prepare you for the MCAT.

During office hours you will focus on progress evaluation, honing your daily/weekly study schedule and figuring out how to improve your studies

Phase 2 Students

You are mostly done with content but still have some holes. Your focus should be on full-length exams, specific targeted practice, and review.
The study hall will help you properly analyze each full length: identify strengths and weaknesses. We’ll work together to figure out what you have to do AND WHEN. This will maximize every review and practice session.

Along with study hall content videos, you’ll also benefit from the strategy and practice video sessions! This will help you improve your test taking approach and strategy.

During office hours you will focus on reviewing your full length review tables, setting specific goals leading up to your next full length, evaluating your week to week goals as compared to your target score and test date.

Phase 3 Students

Your exam is just a few weeks away! You need last minute ‘spot checks.’

The study hall will help you with proper in-depth exam review. Plus evaluation of your exam review table to know where to invest your limited remaining study time.

Your daily/weekly schedule will match your goals and the study hall video library will help fill in knowledge-gaps,  how to review reading passages and more.

During office hours you will focus on your exam review tables with a critical eye on where to gain your final points and improve your confidence in the final weeks before your exam.

Sample Overview of the Study Hall Videos

Here is a sample of SOME of the videos you can find in the study hall video library. There are too many to list out. Think of the study hall library as a supermarket.

Just because it’s ALL there does NOT mean you need it all.

One day you go shopping for meal prep and pick up meat, fish, and vegetables. Another day you go shopping for a party and pick up snacks, drinks, and party dishes. The custom strategy above will help you figure out which videos to watch when to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

(Click image to enlarge)
MCAT SH Video List by Leah4Sci 2022


Monthly Option (cancel anytime) –

Pay just $199/month, cancel anytime

Use coupon MCAT25 to save 25% off all payments and pay just $149.25 per month!


By signing up for the Study Hall, you are agreeing to the terms of use

Need at least 3 months? Prepay your first 3 months for just $549 (save 9%) $411.75 today Enroll Here

“Leah’s strategy sessions have helped me map out my time and identify points within my daily schedule that can be maximized for study or even light review. Most of us are rather busy on any given day and Leah can help you figure out the best use of those minutes normally applied toward mundane tasks while also crafting time tailored to your schedule to balance the studying with all that life entails.” –  Michelle


Question: What is the difference between the levels of the Study Hall?

There’s just one MCAT Study Hall Program.
The difference between levels is the extra help/guidance/accountability differs at each level.

The Self Study program has everything you need to get you to your realistic MCAT goals in time:

– Full MCAT Study Hall video library to teach you all the strategy, technique, and sciences following the AAMC outline (except for psych/soc which I don’t currently teach).

– Live group office hours each month for strategy update/consulting, practice, or general review (based on student request).

– Facebook tutoring and support group: Post your study questions, exam difficulties, schedule, calendar, exam review table and more to get help and support every step of the way.

The Comprehensive level includes everything above PLUS email support, voice/text messaging via Telegram, tracker tagging, proactive accountability and a 2- part strategy session while the Self Study level does not.

Does this mean you go without support?

Not at all!

Instead of emailing me your exam tables, you post it to Facebook or discuss during office hours.
Instead of emailing me your progress, you post to Facebook or discuss during office hours.

And so on…

Although the Self Study level does NOT include strategy, you still get all the help, guidance, and support through regular office hours, email, and the FB group. PLUS members can purchase an add-on session for just $149 as needed

That’s it, the rest of the program is exactly the same!!

Question: How come the study hall doesn’t include anything about Psychology and Sociology?

I firmly believe you should only learn from someone who’s a master at their craft — and I haven’t mastered these topics yet. Independently, I study and practice these topics so I can still help out and answer questions, but I’m not yet willing to call myself an an expert. Once I feel that I can teach with confidence, I will add these topics to the Study Hall, and in the meantime, I will point you to the absolute best resources based on years of compiled student feedback. (I already have quite a few students with a perfect 132 in this section.)

Question: I haven’t taken XYZ subject.Will this program still help me? (The most common subjects not taken: Orgo 2 and Biochem)

This depends on how close you are to your MCAT date. I’ve worked with quite a few students who take an MCAT class after their MCAT. That’s ok, but this means you’ll have to put in twice the effort to learn the material on your own.

The good news is that even students who have taken the class tend to forget some or all of the material. Each of the science bootcamps is taught from a beginner perspective to ensure that if you ever missed something in your classes, or never took the classes, you still get the proper MCAT foundation in this subject.

Question: If I sign up for the MCAT Study Hall, can you guarantee that I’ll score my target score?


No one should realistically make this type of guarantee. Every student is different, every situation is unique, and no matter how much I provide, at the end of the day it comes down to you.

How hard are you willing to work in order to attain your target MCAT score?  I’ll do my best by helping you craft a strategy, by pointing you to the correct Study Hall resources; and by being there for you to help guide and motivate and answer your questions in live office hours, Facebook group, email and text. But at the end of the day it will be up to you to put in the work and utilize the resources available.

Question: Does your program come with practice tests and questions? 

No, there are no passages and full lengths. As a small business, I don’t have the resources to create practice exams that are close enough to the real thing to be worth your time. Instead, I focus my time/resources on teaching the material and ensuring that my students know how to prepare for this exam.

That being said, as a study hall member, I will guide you to the best resources (based on student feedback) and help you figure out when to use each one to make the most out of your resources.

Question: Will I get access to all the MCAT bootcamps when I join the study hall?

Yes! The MCAT Study Hall includes access to all of the MCAT science and strategy bootcamps featured above. This will save you hundreds compared to purchasing them individually.

Question: What and how long are office hours?

Office hours are a chance to speak with me for a few minutes regarding your progress, schedule, full lengths and more. They are held twice a month and can run from 1-2 hours, but you are told when you log in so that you’re not waiting around for your turn.

Question: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes and no. The Study Hall is a month-to-month membership allowing you to pay as you go and cancel anytime.

All payments go through PayPal, which means you can look into utilizing PayPal credit for no money down and 6 months of interest free financing (pending approval).

If after a few days you decide it’s not for you, I’m offering a limited time, 1-week satisfaction guarantee:
Try the MCAT Study Hall Self Study Program, and if it’s not for you, let me know within 1 week and I’ll refund your purchase minus a 4% transaction fee.