leah fisch leah4sciAre you worried that a weak grasp of biochemistry will lower your overall MCAT score and decrease your chances of acceptance into medical school?

Do you feel that despite study/review, the topics are so disconnected that you’re struggling to see the big picture? Do you need help connecting the dots so that you CAN follow difficult AAMC passage experiments?

Unlike general chemistry which is a ‘foundation’ introductory science, or even organic and physics, which are quite difficult but can stand on their own, biochemistry requires understanding the big picture to finally connect all you’ve learned in gen chem, organic and even biology.

Trying to cram it all, will NOT make it stick.

But when it doesn’t make too much sense, do you continue cramming, because that’s what you’re taught to do? What happens when faced with a difficult passage or question?

What if instead you had the means to really understand every concept? What if you understood the what and how behind every biochemistry concept, topic, and biological reaction? Would you see science passages in a whole new light? Will you find yourself studying the ‘what and how’ of a missed question instead of just reading and memorizing the answers?

Will this help you earn a higher score on both the Chem/Phys and Bio/Biological MCAT Sciences Section?

If all the ‘big name’ MCAT prep courses teach facts and equations to memorize, Where do you get this logical foundation?

If you’ve watched any of my videos or attended any of my live sessions, you know that this is exactly what I focus on when I teach. Not just the answer, but the what and how, the why, the logic behind the concept.

If you’re looking to master biochemistry, ‘Leah4sci’ style (logic, foundation, understanding) then I have just the program for you.

Announcing the MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp

The MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp is a self-paced crash course specifically following the AAMC outline to ensure you learn everything you need for the biochemistry aspect of your MCAT.

Every video in the bootcamp is taught with the ‘never taken biochemistry’ student in mind to ensure that if you did forget something, the video will help you relearn and understand from the foundations up!

Since biochemistry is NOT a pre-req for many medschools, I frequently work with students who are seeing biochemistry for the very first time as they prepare for their MCAT.

I am a visual learner, with ADHD!
I need everything clearly shown and explained to me,
Ideally in COLOR!
That’s why my videos are never black and white.
There’s color and movement every step of the way.
I like to draw and write, point and circle,
I like to show and explain rather than just TELL you,
And I believe THAT is what will make the difference between struggling and finally mastering this (yes) fun MCAT science topic.

What’s Included in the MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp?

  • MCAT Biochemistry Self-Study Video Bootcamp Library – 17 in-depth interactive bootcamp sessions following the AAMC outline for biochemistry.
    • Each recorded session was taught as a live online interactive bootcamp to discuss concepts in a logical manner helping you build a solid foundation. This ensures you have the foundation along with clarification/Q&A for anything that wasn’t clear (chances are, if you have a question, someone already asked the same thing and the answer is waiting for you in the recording).
    • Self-Paced: Move through the bootcamp as quickly or slowly as you need based on YOUR custom learning needs.
    • Full color PDF notes of every session so that your attention is on interaction instead of distracted note-taking.
  • 60 days access to all the notes and videos giving you more than enough time to review and prepare for your MCAT.

The Biochem Bootcamp covers the following (taken from the AAMC MCAT Outline)

  • Amino Acids
  • Protein Structure
  • Enzyme Structure and Function
  • Control of Enzyme Activity
  • Nucleic Acid Structure and Function
  • Principles of Bioenergetics
  • Carbohydrates
  • Glycolysis, Gluconeogenesis, Pentose Phosphate Pathway
  • Metabolic Regulation
  • Citric Acid (Krebs) Cycle
  • Fatty Acid and Protein Metabolism
  • Oxidative Phosphorylation
  • Hormonal Regulation
  • Plasma Membrane
  • Biosignaling
  • Lipids
  • Separation and Purification Techniques

So How Much Does This Cost?

After working with hundreds of one-on-one tutoring clients I realized that when it comes to content, many of the questions are exactly the same. Students are looking for a better understanding of the required MCAT concepts compared to what they’ve (attempted t0) learn from their MCAT books, or ‘big name’ MCAT prep courses.

If I taught you all of this via private tutoring sessions, at my $199/hour weekday rate, it would quickly add up to thousands, and this wouldn’t even include video recordings with the ability to review over and over for 60 days.

By creating a self-study bootcamp, you’re able to benefit from everything listed here at a FRACTION of the cost,
In fact, you get 60 days access to the entire MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp for just $598

Subscriber Discount: Save $100 and pay just $499


By signing up for the Bootcamp, you are agreeing to the terms of use

Jamie Mann Testimonial ImageI remember when I was first starting out, I was so hesitant and in disbelief I would be able to self-teach all the material for the exam, coming from a background in nursing. For those who are in the same boat, or who are weak in their general sciences, the videos are a lifesaver. Leah goes over concepts starting at a basic level, which helps to lay the foundation for your studies. Having a strong foundation in your content is KEY!

Leah’s program helped me get from where I was to where I wanted to be.
Overall I couldn’t be more thankful for Leah’s program. I feel like having next to no prior knowledge in 75% of the MCAT material, and successfully completing the MCAT is evidence that the foundation of the Study Hall works.”


Can you learn biochemistry another way?
You can go back to your undergraduate biochemistry textbook.

I don’t know about you, but mine (which I still have) is well over a thousand pages thick.
It has tons of dense information, and practice problems that are complex, overkill for the MCAT, and impossible to solve without a calculator (quadratic equations anyone?).

You can go to YouTube and find tons of videos on the MCAT sciences, including my own 200+ videos.

But are they enough? Do they teach you everything?
And most importantly, do you have the TIME to hunt them all down, put them in order, and weed through the quality videos vs those that are purely a waste of time?
And what if you can’t find good videos on every topic?

And finally,
There are the MCAT specific books. Meant to teach you everything,
And some do for the most part.
But for most students the dry and boring text on the page inspires you to do just one thing, sleep!
Especially when you’re frustrated because you’re stuck and can’t make sense of the information.

How to use the MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp

How you use the bootcamp depends on your background and where you are in your MCAT prep process.

If you’re testing in the next few weeks but need a quick crash course,

Then I recommend watching 1-2 videos per day and asking yourself this as you watch:
“Do I get this? Am I good on this? Can I Move on?”

If you’re still in Phase 1 or 2 of your MCAT prep, then I recommend spacing it out a bit more.

On a day where you’re scheduled to study biochemistry:
Check your book, AAMC or study outline, to see which specific topics you need to learn next.
Find the related bootcamp video and begin.

Don’t worry about notes; the bootcamp includes a full-color PDF of every session.

Instead watch to learn,
Pause to let concepts sink in,
Rewind when something feels difficult or not 100% clear.
And DEFINITELY pause every time I ask a question in the video.
Try to answer the question,
Try to work out the math or concept,
Then watch to see if you did it correctly.

Once you’re done with a subtopic (not entire video) jump into your MCAT books.
Skim the chapter to verify you got it all,
Work through the in-chapter practice questions and see if you really got it.

Did well? Great move on!
Not so well? Rewatch that unclear segment to ensure you’re good to go.

And if you’re JUST STARTING OUT and need extra help

Plan to watch every video twice.
Once through without pausing so you know what the heck is going on,
Then a second time as described above, so that you truly learn and understand.

What you’ll get out of the MCAT  Biochemistry Bootcamp

  • The MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp will give you a solid foundation for biochemistry concepts.
  • Allow you to learn at YOUR OWN PACE rather than being rushed along by a class that doesn’t follow your life/schedule needs.
  • Help you UNDERSTAND rather than just memorizing equations
  • Break down the math in a simple manner so you can easily replicate the calculations
  • Teach you tricks and shortcuts anytime math can be shortened or even avoided
  • Confidence to tackle biochem questions that arise in MCAT practice questions, passages and full-lengths
  • And dare I say some excitement for this subject because you finally TRULY get it?

Don’t wait. You could be watching bootcamp videos, and start mastering this topic right away.

MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp Leah4sci video content table


Question: How long will I be able to access the videos and resources?

Once you sign up you get access to everything listed above for 60 days.
(if you need more time you have the option to extend for a small fee per month for as long as you need.)

Question: When does it make sense for me to start on the biochem bootcamp?

I recommend devoting at least 6-8 months to MCAT prep.
If you’re about to test, definitely sign up ASAP to start now.

If you’re testing next year and you’re studying now, sign up now.
If you’re testing next year and want to preview biochemistry before diving hard-core into MCAT prep, sign up now.
If you’re busy with classes this semester and won’t get to MCAT prep until after, sign up as soon as you’re ready to begin.

Question: I plan to take my MCAT soon but I’ve never taken biochemistry. Does it make sense for me to join?

Since not every med school requires biochemistry, many students have to self-study for the MCAT. This bootcamp is taught with the ‘never taken this before’ or ‘took it so long ago, I forgot’ premed student in mind.

Question: What’s the difference between the MCAT Study Hall and this Biochemistry Bootcamp?

The MCAT Biochemistry bootcamp is just ONE component of the MCAT science requirements. My program, the MCAT Study Hall is a complete guide MCAT prep program that includes this very biochemistry bootcamp and more.

If you’re all set with MCAT prep, but need help with biochemistry specifically, if the MCAT study hall is out of your budget, or if you’re looking to work on biochemistry before diving into hard-core MCAT prep, this is the perfect opportunity to get the stand-alone bootcamp rather than the complete MCAT Study Hall program.

Question: How do the bootcamp videos differ from the Leah4sci YouTube videos?

I get this question a lot, and no the Bootcamp videos are definitely NOT the same as the videos I share freely on YouTube.
YouTube videos are something I do when I have time, covering small tidbits of random topics.  Think of my YouTube videos as appetizers. Meant to help introduce a topic, each video is short and to the point. One concept, perhaps a practice question or two to follow along. YouTube videos do not cover everything, can be scattered, and certainly, lack the ‘start to finish’ everything you need for the MCAT, following the AAMC outline.


You get 60 days access to the entire
MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp for just $598 $499!


By signing up for the Bootcamp, you are agreeing to the terms of use