Leah FischAre you struggling with substitution and elimination reactions? Have you resorted to memorizing a reaction map only to find that it’s too vague and confusing? Do you find yourself trying so hard to master individual reactions, only to realize that you can’t tell them apart when faced with a starting molecule and set of reaction conditions?

As an organic chemistry tutor I find that the topic of substitution/elimination is THE MOST difficult topic covered in Orgo 1. Not only do you have to know a series of reaction mechanisms and pathways, but there is an additional layer of critical thinking required to differentiate between the reactions,

and that’s not even talking about the tricky question.

Substitution and Elimination reactions is a concept my students struggle with most, but I feel that it really doesn’t have to be this way. If you remove yourself from the process of memorization and work on really understanding the what and how of each reaction, you’ll find that you understand the material so much better and are able to make sense of all these pesky reaction conditions.

Great, but where do I even begin?

I’ve got you covered in the Substitution Elimination Mini Bootcamp.

This is a self-paced 4 part crash course into the nuts and bolts of SN1 SN2 E1 E2 reactions.

Not just concepts and theory, but practice practice practice every step of the way!

Session 1: Foundation for substitution/elimination reactions from carbocation stability and leaving groups, solvents to attacking nucleophiles and bases

Session 2: Nucleophilic substitution reactions

  1. SN1 reaction rate and mechanism
  2. SN2 reaction rate and mechanism
  3. Determining between SN1/SN2 reactions

Session 3: Beta-Elimination reactions

  1. E1 reaction rate and mechanism
  2. E2 reaction rate and mechanism
  3. Determining between E1/E2 reactions

Session 4: Nothing but practice questions choosing between SN1/SN2/E1/E2 reactions. From simple to tricky and everything in between

This self-paced bootcamp can be accessed from any computer, laptop, or tablet – as long as you have a decent internet connection. Watch from your school’s library, wifi-cafe, or even the comfort of your home, sitting in bed in your jammies.

2 Bonus Sessions

BONUS Session 1: Gen Chem Basics for SN/E Including Gibbs Free Energy, Enthalpy, Entropy

BONUS Session 2:  Q&A practice session

Both live sessions were recorded and added to the SN/E bootcamp for you to review and practice later as needed. Just like the first four sessions, the Full-color PDFs are included for download!

Are you the type of student who needs to hear the information more than once?

Do you need to absorb the information one small chunk at a time?

That’s ok, you have access to the ENTIRE bootcamp for SIX WEEKS. This will give you a chance to watch the information again and again between now and your orgo final exam. Pause the video when I ask a question, try your hand at the solution, then watch to see if you solved it correctly.

How Do I Sign Up?

While I typically charge $199/hour for weekday tutoring $249/hour nights and weekends, and many students book sessions just to learn the very information taught here,
you won’t have to pay hundreds, in fact the entire bootcamp (6 weeks access) is just $149

Sign up today and pay just $149 for the entire 4-part mini bootcamp videos + PDF notes (+bonus Q&A practice session)


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