Yes Leah,
As discussed in the live workshop,
I want to sign up for the Foundations in MCAT Math Bootcamp as an Early Bird Member.

I understand that I will receive the following:

Early Bird Access
$249 for 1 month Sign up today for a single payment of $149
and get access through Sep 30th.


All payments go through PayPal. Looking for a payment plan option? Learn more about PayPal Credit.

Instructions will follow via email after registration.

Preliminary Math Bootcamp Schedule (to be refined over the next few days).

Live sessions will run from Aug 14 – Sep 4th, with specific dates/times to be announced shortly.

                  1. Addition and Subtraction
                  2. Multiplication and Division
                  3. Fractions, ratios and percentages
                  4. Scientific notation, square roots and exponents
                  5. Basic algebra (manipulating equations and solving for unknown variables)
                  6. Geometry: Shapes, angles, triangles and more
                  7. Trigonometry
                  8. Coordinate grids and graphing basics
                  9. Logarithms and antilogs