Are you overwhelmed by everything you have to master in time for the MCAT?
Are you worried that you’ll study, study, study, only to blank out and forget on test day?

As a student, I’ve been there, and since becoming an MCAT tutor I’ve heard this from hundreds of students.

Leah4sci Amino Acids Bootcamp
“Leah4sci’s Amino Acid boot camp was Amazing! I learned not only everything about Amino Acids but also some areas that I needed to review more of, like buffers and charges. This boot camp was such a blessing. I rave all the time on the way Leah’s mind interprets information. She explains it so simply and the shortcuts and cheat cheats save you so much time. I am subscribed to her YouTube channel and website Trust me don’t go for any other Science or MCAT prep course. Go to Leah’s site and sign up its simple, affordable, and you will be so prepared. Thank you, Leah for Sharing your knowledge with others!”

Yes, there is a lot to learn, but let’s take it one step at a time.

When it comes to the MCAT, there is one topic that shows up over and over.

It’s been on every MCAT so far!

It’s the one topic that if mastered will guarantee you a few easy points.
In multiple sections.

I’m referring to Amino Acids, of course!

It’s not just about knowing the 20 common amino acids.
To get these ‘easy points’ you must truly understand everything about them.

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  • Full name
  • 3 and 1 letter abbreviations
  • Sidechain structure
  • Sidechain chemistry
  • How the side chains interact with other side chains, other molecules, specific solutions and chemical environments.
  • Predict their behavior in specific solutions such as salt, varying pH and more.


But it’s more than just knowing…

Knowing your amino acids is more than just earning a few specific points.
Having a solid understanding of the above will also help you clearly follow biological experiments. It will help you recognize the ramifications of everything from a mutation or deletion to the cause behind a malfunctioning enzyme in a microorganism or small animal study.
And these experimental type passages are AAMC favorites.

The MCAT is not just a test of content,
It’s a test of how well you can apply what you know to complex multi-step experiments.
Part of this comes from content knowledge,
Part of it comes from practice,
And part of it comes from confidence to follow along rather than losing your mind on the complex details.

I’m not saying you have to master all of this at once.
But starting with a simple solid first step,
One that you can get through quickly and see immediate results
Will help you towards that next step and ultimately towards MCAT success.

How do you get that foundation?

So how do you get that solid MCAT amino acids foundation?
Sure you can scour the internet.
There’s a ton of information out there including my YouTube series and tutorials
But not everything out there is clear, concise, nor presented specifically with the MCAT in mind.

As an MCAT tutor, I’ve reviewed hundreds of passages and thousands of practice questions with my students. Many of the questions they find difficult are due to memorization of concepts rather than the ability to apply logic.

“How was I supposed to know they were referring to the side chain here?”

or “How can you tell which amino acid would most likely xyz in this situation?

“How can I figure out the pI of this 10-chain amino acid without doing so much math?”

So many issues are the same

And in recognizing their common concerns, in figuring out how to simplify it for them, I’ve come up with a quick and easy system for not just learning and memorizing, but actually understanding and internalizing the logic behind everything amino acids on the MCAT.

While each student’s question may be unique, and each one lacking in a specific area, it turns out that the overarching theme behind their confusion is the same. They’re all missing the same basic set of logic and skills.

Not anymore!

Introducing the MCAT Amino Acids Bootcamp

I don’t want you struggling with these same issues. That’s why I created the Amino Acids Mini Bootcamp. A step by step video series that will teach you how to think MCAT style as you learn the ins and outs of everything amino acids. Concepts, logic, detailed explanations and of course tricks and shortcuts.

Initially created for beginners, many of my students who review the bootcamp days before the exam confirm that it’s helped with last-minute solidification and ultimately the confidence to quickly tackle potentially tricky AA questions.

This includes Angel who scored a 508 on the June 2017 MCAT and is currently preparing for an interview at her 1st choice medical school.

Angel scored a 508 on the MCAT

You can spend days scouring the internet, then figuring out what and how to apply quickly under pressure, or you can let me teach you in just a matter of hours, to ensure it’s all crystal clear.

Every video is the edited recording of an in-depth bootcamp session to ensure you don’t waste time while molecules are being drawn, questions asked, or general non-teaching time is passing by.

Exactly What’s Included in the AA Bootcamp

When you sign up for the Amino Acids Bootcamp you get immediate access to the following for 60 days:

Part 1: Amino Acid Basics (114 min)

Everything you need to know about the 20 common amino acids. Name, abbreviation, structure, side-chain chemistry, fun facts and so much more

Part 2: Amino Acid Stereochemistry (45 min)

How to find R and S, D and L, which ones occur where and a few time-saving shortcuts for the MCAT

Part 3: Amino Acid Charges, pH and pI (153 min)

Forget confusing memorization. This session helps you make sense of those on-and-off protons. How pH plays a role, pI for single AAs and larger chains, and of course lots of time-saving tricks and shortcuts demonstrated with multiple examples.

Part 4: Amino Acid Reactions and Lab Techniques (54 min)

How do we KNOW all this? Learn the lab techniques for studying amino acids, different ways of identification and separation. This and more are covered in this video.

Part 5: Amino Acids Quiz Review (68 min)

Step by step video explanation to the free Amino Acids practice quiz on my website

Full-color PDF notes included with every bootcamp session.

What’s it worth to you?

If you came to me looking to learn and understand all this information I’d be happy to teach you. I charge $199/hour bringing this entire bootcamp (remember it’s edited for brevity) to over $1,000 in private tutoring.

I know you don’t want to spend that much on just one single segment of your MCAT prep, no matter how important it is. But I won’t charge you $1,000 for all this, not even hundreds of dollars. In fact, you can get the entire bootcamp today for just $149! That’s 60 days access to everything listed above.

Watch, learn, rewatch, practice and let it all sink in for 60 days.

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Complete MCAT Amino Acids Mini Bootcamp Series including Video Recordings + Full-Color PDF Notes + Quiz Review Session for 60 days

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