leah-fisch-leah4sciAre you overwhelmed by the physics component of the MCAT Chem/Phys section?

Students who have tested report either an underwhelming or overwhelming amount of physics on the Chem/Phys section, nothing in between.
What they found MOST surprising was the type of physics concepts tested.
Not the expected ‘high yield’ topics…

Instead, the AAMC chose to focus on low yield concepts and passages.

MCAT feedback varied from high to low physics on the different exams.
In both cases, however, they were once again low yield topics.
Detailed passages with experiments requiring not just ‘basic knowledge’ but a logical foundation-based understanding!

Worried your MCAT Physics is not quite at that level?

Do you hesitate to open your MCAT physics book, knowing that the information will be long, dry, VERY boring, and difficult to understand? Do you worry that even if you DO master it you’ll have trouble retaining everything till test day?

Do you wish there was another way?

What IF…

What if you could learn MCAT physics in a way that not only makes sense but dare I say, slightly fun (read: not too dreadful) to work through??

Is that even possible?

When I poll my students on their most and least favorite MCAT subjects,
physics is nearly always ranked at the very bottom.

For many students (myself included) this was a troublesome topic in undergrad.
Many physics professors are math geniuses and have trouble relating to students. They move through the content so quickly and get frustrated at you for not understanding. So
 good luck getting a straight answer during office hours. 

Let’s Face It…

this subject isn’t nearly as exciting as biological systems or chemistry reactions.

But you can’t dismiss the ‘not so fun’ topic and hope to gain your points in the other sciences!
If you struggled with this before or forgot everything you’ve learned, I want to help you start over.

Let’s make sure you not only ‘learn’ the information,
but actually UNDERSTAND and GET what the heck is going on
when looking at energy calculations, circuits, and even light and optics.

and that’s where I come in!

Introducing the MCAT Physics Beginner Crash-Course Bootcamp

  • This bootcamp is a ‘self-paced, work-on-your-own-schedule Video + Full-Color PDF’ course.
  • The videos start at the very beginning – vectors and scalars, all the way to the complex light/optics and nuclear physics!
  • The videos carefully follow the AAMC outline with the “I never took this…”  or “I’ve forgotten everything!” student in mind!
    Every topic is taught
      1) from the perspective of ‘if I was learning this for the first time, how would I want to be taught? so I can truly understand it the first time?’
      2) to ENSURE the information is clear, the subject matter easy to follow, and all equations/calculations broken down so you can recognize and derive it in any format.
  • Every video features full-color drawing, demonstrations, derivations, and step by step (non-calculator) math calculations.

I have ADHD and know what it’s like to lose hair while trying desperately to focus on a boring and difficult subject.
After meeting with dozens of students in one-on-one sessions,
and teaching the same material over and over,

I’ve come up with countless real-life examples, quirky mnemonics, tricks, and even laughable situations to keep the sessions light, and my students (and myself!) engaged.

And as you may have noticed in your studies when you are interested, can relate to the information, and are actively learning, you retain that information SO much more. And let’s face it, don’t you feel more confident when you actually get it? Then even more confident when you start getting questions RIGHT because you UNDERSTAND?

If you hired me for a one on one session (I charge $199/hr, some MCAT tutors charge up to $350/hr) we’d go through the same logic, explanations, and tricks that I cover in the bootcamp videos.

The MCAT Physics Bootcamp contains over 15 hours of edited workshop videos.

This would come to 4 figures if we learned this together one on one,
and that would be without video recordings and the ability to watch it over and over as needed.

But let’s face it, this exam is already costing you so much,
That’s why I originally priced the bootcamp at $450 for 60 days access.

But after speaking with students at different levels (thus needing access for different durations)
I’ve switched the MCAT Physics bootcamp to a monthly plan.

This means you can use the physics bootcamp for as long as you need and cancel anytime:

The monthly option is just $249 for the first month and $125 each additional month until you cancel.

Need just a quick review? Cancel in a few weeks.
Need an in-depth crash course/refresher?
Keep the access and use the bootcamp for as long as you need paying just $125 every month until you’re confident with the material.

All payments charged securely through PayPal

 $100 off sale ends June 29th ~11:59pm ET!

Join the MCAT Physics Bootcamp for just $249 $149 today
and then pay just $125 $75 each additional month till you choose to cancel.
No obligations – You can cancel anytime.

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I was extremely frustrated with physics. Nothing seemed to fully click in my head–not with my prep book, not with online videos, not even with a prep course. I was truly at a loss of hope, overwhelmed by so much information and equations, then I learned about Leah4Sci’s MCAT Physics Bootcamp! Leah made learning physics so much more enjoyable and simple, providing the solid foundation I needed to start doing practice problems. She made things very straightforward, taught lots of little tricks that made light bulbs go off in my head, and highlighted the intersection of different topics. When I finished the Bootcamp, I was not by any means a physics expert, but I was much better suited to do practice problems that I couldn’t before. One of the things that I enjoyed the most about the Bootcamp was that I could end it whenever I was done with it, rather than working under a strict schedule. It took a lot of anxiety off my plate, especially since I work full time and can’t really study on a consistent schedule! – Isis

The MCAT tests you on more than just content.

You need to understand concepts well enough to apply them to passage-based experiments and multi-subject questions.
This type of foundation is acquired through learning to UNDERSTAND rather than just memorization,
and THAT is the focus of every Leah4sci bootcamp video.

The MCAT Physics Bootcamp includes:

    • 18 in-depth MCAT Physics Bootcamp Videos covering all of the AAMC MCAT physics
    • Full-color PDF notes for each MCAT Physics Bootcamp Sessions

Physics Bootcamp by Leah4sci

Join the MCAT Physics Bootcamp for just $249 $149 today
and then pay just $125 $75 each additional month till you choose to cancel.
No obligations – You can cancel anytime.

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Physics was always one of my most dreaded subjects in college. I was a straight A student, so it was difficult for me to accept barely passing grades in Physics 1 and 2.  I stumbled across Leah and immediately signed up for her Physics Bootcamp, and it is definitely worth every penny. Leah simplifies all concepts to the point where you not only understand it, but it seems easy. She focuses a great deal on emphasizing the big picture and explaining why certain concepts are the way they are, allowing us to truly understand rather than just memorize, which is crucial for the MCAT. She uses lots of analogies, visuals, and practice problems, and even provides a downloadable PDF of all the notes from the session. After each video, I gained more and more confidence that physics was just another subject and was perfectly doable. This was in stark contrast to my previous feelings about physics, where it seemed like this impossible subject which I would never understand. Overall, I highly recommend Leah!  – Supriya

Questions on the bootcamp? Email me through this link