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Join The Study Hall and Get IMMEDIATE Access To:

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  • Weekly Live Topic Specific Review/Q&A Sessions
  • Full Video Library with Access To Dozens Of Past Live Session Recordings
  • Access To An Awesome Tutor (me) via an exclusive Facebook Group


What this Means To You:

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  • You no longer have to struggle working through difficult concepts and homework questions on your own
  • You have the ability to learn the ‘what and how‘ of new and difficult topics without the need to rip your hair out trying to understand reactions and mechanisms on your own
  • Access to me (via FB) ensures that you are never more than 24-48 hours away from the answer to your question, even if your professor is out of town or sleeping


You will be billed monthly for your Organic Chemistry Study Hall membership. An entire month costs LESS than what I charge for a SINGLE HOUR of 1-1 tutoring. There is NO contract, NO commitments, and you can cancel at anytime

Get started today for just $67/month $37/month

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