Do you try your best, yet feel that something is still missing in your organic chemistry course?

Before you grab it though, I’d like to borrow a few moments of your time to share with you the overall secret to doing well in organic chemistry

The secret behind the success of many organic chemistry students you know, the ones always scoring 10/10 on pop-up quizzes, and top in the class on every exam
Hi my name is Leah Fisch
I am the founder of and the creator of the Leah4sci YouTube series of Organic Chemistry Tutorial videos

I have a passion for teaching organic chemistry, something I’ve done for nearly the past decade

Organic chemistry is a difficult course very different from any other course that you have taken so far

In addition to spending hours upon hours simply learning and studying the material You must invest even more hours to do practice, practice and even more practice problems

You see, unlike general chemistry or any science for that matter you cannot simply memorize a formula,
plug in the numbers, and solve

Organic chemistry is a course that requires you to think
You are asked to solve difficult questions based on your understanding of difficult concepts and information

And then you will be asked to solve mechanisms for reactions that you may not have seen before Therefore, the best way to prepare for and ace this course, is to pre-expose yourself to as much of this information as possible

PRIOR to your exam

When you work through your homework problems you will likely encounter a mechanism or reaction that seems unfamiliar


However, the more you practice, the more you expose yourself to the different problem types
and the more you train your mind to think like an A student
Thus reducing the chance that you will be ‘tricked’ or caught off-guard during your next exam

But what do you do if you keep getting stuck on the information?

Where can you turn when you are faced with difficult question after difficult question

Your textbook may have just the answers providing you with absolutely NO HELP

Perhaps you’ve even invested in a solutions manual

And while I highly highly recommend that you get one, the manual is still just a physical object that cannot explain your doubts, answer your questions, and show you the why and how of each step in a difficult reaction

That’s where I come in

If you’ve watched any of my videos in the past you have surely realized that I have a true passion for not only the subject-matter, but also for teaching organic chemistry

While creating organic chemistry tutorial videos is a passion of mine, Leah4sci actually began, and still is, a 1-person tutoring company

While I offer in-person tutoring to students located in Long Island, New York
I also offer online tutoring for students located outside of New York state, or even outside of the United States

My tutoring sessions are very similar to my videos
I use a screen sharing program in addition to my tablet PC
This allows you to view my screen for the duration of our session

During our session you watch as the subject matter comes to life
and get to chat with me as I draw out your question, diagram each step along the way
and show you each mechanism step by step

The best part is, you don’t have to take any notes
I want your focus to be on the material 100{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06}
Still want notes?
After our session I will email you a PDF file containing all our notes and drawings from the session

My tutoring hours are Monday through Friday
9am – 6pm Eastern Time (New York Time)
My tutoring rate is $75/hour

I also offer LIMITED night and weekend tutoring hours at a premium rate of $90-$100 depending on the day/time

If you are interest in trying a tutoring session with me, I’d like to offer you a special bonus

As I mentioned earlier,
I charge $75 for one hour of tutoring
which comes to $150 for 2 hours
and $225 for 3 hours

And this is just for Mon-Fri daytime sessions

However, I’d like to offer you a limited time special bonus

How would you like to purchase a THREE-HOUR tutoring package?
But instead of paying $225 for my daytime rate
or $300 for my night/weekend rate

You get to pay just $150
for a THREE-HOUR tutoring package

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you get a 3-hour tutoring package which is not limited to just weekday hours

But also gives you a chance to schedule night/weekend sessions to best fit your schedule

(This discount package is limited to first-time students only, one discount package per customer. Tutoring days/times will be scheduled pending availability)

You will have the opportunity to break down your tutoring package into 2-4 sessions
With session increments from 30 minutes to 2 hours as desired

So What are you waiting for, click the link below and get a head-start on your Organic Chemistry course today

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