Congratulations, you are registered for Saturday’s Pre-final Orgo 2 live onling workshop

I look forward to chatting with you live and answering your questions

I have a 3-part homework assignment for you to ensure that you are AS PREPARED AS POSSIBLE in order to gain the most from the interactive workshop.

Assignment #1

Take our your phone RIGHT NOW and add an alarm for Saturday 8:30pm ET. This will ensure that you are ready and waiting when 9pm rolls around. (If you’re on a different time-zone be sure to convert properly, many a student has missed a live review due to a time-zone error)

Assignment #2

Say hi on Twitter and let me know which orgo topic troubles you most. Tweet me @leah4sci

Assignment #3

Watch the videos below to fortify your understanding of organic chemistry foundations. While I have over 100 videos on YouTube, I’ve chosen these 3 as a result of the type of questions students ask during finals preparation

That’s It

Check your email. You should have received a confirmation email with additional details from me.

Looking forward to chat with you live on Sunday


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