If so, you are not alone, and it’s certainly not your fault. Organic chemistry is one of the most difficult topics that you will face in your college curriculum, partly due to the way the course is structured, and partly due to the way the material is presented in the traditional classroom

You see, unlike general chemistry, or even biology or physics, organic chemistry is not a course that you can simply plug information into a simple formula and solve. Yet you are likely taking organic chemistry after completing a year of general chemistry. And if the technique worked for general chemistry, why not try it for orgo?

Another reason this course is so difficult has to do with the method in which it is presented. As an organic chemistry tutor I recommend that my students spend 10-20 hours per week studying and practicing. Yet for many students, that challenge is first figuring out what’s going on. Plugging away at the material for countless hours, when it doesn’t make any sense, is a waste of those countless study hours

The average professor is not fully able to portray the information in a manner that makes it both easy to understand, while still covering enough ground to keep up with the syllabus. Many professors have been doing their job for so long, they forget that YOU are a beginner. Does your professor take it for granted that you know the basics, when in fact you don’t remember most if it? (and that’s if you’ve even learned it to begin with)

Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who wound up with a good professor. Consider yourself very lucky. Yet even you may find yourself limited in your ability to absorb the amount of information required in the short amount of time allotted to organic chemistry lecture

But HOW is organic chemistry different?

Organic chemistry is a course based on concepts that have to be worked out and applied; reactions that have to be reasoned; and mechanisms that must be adapted. And no amount of simple memorization will get you there

To truly master this information you have to approach every topic with TWO questions

WHY? and HOW?

Only by continuously asking why and how molecules react as they do will you be able to get a proper understanding of the reactions and mechanisms. And once you are able to understand you will find yourself understanding concepts and learning difficult mechanisms without the need for memorization

By understanding the way chemicals interact you will find reagents to be intuitive, resonance structures to be second nature, and an unfamiliar mechanism? What’s that? You will find that you recognize concepts based on what you have studied and learned

Where do you even begin?

When I first took organic chemistry I struggled with the material. Like many students I attempted to learn by memorization. I got away with this approach for some time. The class average on my very first exam was a mere 27 giving me the value of a B+ with a score in the upper 50s.

But it wasn’t enough, and soon I found myself falling behind. Without a proper foundation to build upon I found the material to be more and more overwhelming.

It was only when I changed my approach to learning the information that I was able to truly master the course. I went from the student who ‘kinda sorta’ got it, to the girl with many answers.

By the time I reached my second semester of organic chemistry I had established my study skills and habits. I shared these skills with a group of classmates in our regular study groups. By teaching my classmates and sharing my technique, the 4 of us destroyed the grading curve single-handed on every single one of our organic chemistry 2 exams

As a pre-med student, my success in this course opened a can of worms for me. I realized that my true passion lie in teaching rather than medicine. I had a deep respect for the sciences, but I found I had an even greater appreciation for teaching the material. I really enjoyed watching other students transform from the ‘student who doesn’t get it’ to the ‘student who can solve anything’

Over the past decade I’ve been working with many organic chemistry students locally and online via private tutoring sessions. By sharing my techniques, as well as many study tricks I’ve picked up along the way, I have watched many former struggling students rise to the top of their class, ace their MCAT/DAT and GRE, and successfully make it into the graduate schools of their choice

What Did They Learn?

The first and most important technique I will share with you is one that I have already mentioned. Approach each new concept and topic with the goal of fully understanding what’s going on.


If you let a concept pass by, it will come back and haunt you

Because in organic chemistry concepts constantly build upon each other

Every new reaction is built on a foundation of old reactions

So what do you do if you don’t understand? Seek outside help

Consult with a study group so that you can put the power of multiple minds to the tasks at hand

Take turns explaining concepts to each other and asking each other questions

If you cannot form a study group, seek out a tutor

This includes working with the peer tutor provided by the learning center at your school, hunting down your professor or TA during office hours, or even hiring a private tutor

While each option has its own pros and cons, the ultimate goal is YOU getting access to the information required.

YOU need to have a person you can turn to when you get stuck on questions

YOU need to have someone that can help you make sense of yesterday’s lecture notes, last week’s pop-quiz, and last semester’s practice midterm exam

And yet each of these options does not come without hassle

Working with a peer tutor has its limits. The peer tutor is simply a student who has previously aced the course. But they may not fully understand every aspect, and may not be able to show you the tips and tricks that comes from years of teaching experience

Your Professor/TA is the ideal person to ask questions, after all, they are the ones who write and grade your exam paper. Yet you may find it difficult to access their office hours.

Perhaps their scheduled office hours conflict with your work/family schedule

Perhaps you can make the hours, but so can another dozen students leaving you with just 10 minutes to ask 3 hours’ worth of questions

And working with a private tutor does not come without hassle

You have to work out a time, find a meeting place that is non-distracting yet allows conversation

You have to battle traffic and parking

And hey, they’re not cheap

And sure, you can reach out to me, but even that has its drawbacks

After all, I can only work with a handful of students every semester. There are a finite number of hours in the day, automatically limiting the number of students that I can work with at any given time. Perhaps you can potentially fit into my tutoring schedule, my hour rate of $75-$100 may be too high for you to schedule the number of sessions truly required to ace this course

And I get this

When I was taking organic chemistry I was a typical broke college student.

Living from paycheck to paycheck, I had to balance schoolwork, homework, and part-time EMS and tutoring, as well as my US Navy Reserve military duties

(I am a military veteran and served a year in the Middle East for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom)

Now Imagine For Just One Moment

But I want you to imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you DID have the means to get the help you desire

If you had the means to really learn the information, in an exciting way, that provided you with detailed explanations of the what and how for every concept, reaction and mechanisms

Would this make your life easier?

Would it take away from your constant academic worries?

How will this impact your future?

Knowing that organic chemistry score will be a shining addition to your transcript

Rather than a fatal blow on your future

And that thanks to your strong organic scores you can hold your head up high as you enter your graduate program interviews

Rather than biting your nails with worry about what you will say when they ask why you did so poorly in organic chemistry.

And what if you had the means to access all of this from the comfort of your home

Without having to travel anywhere

Or schedule specific meeting times

What would this be worth to you?




Introducing my online membership site:

The Organic Chemistry Study Hall

The organic chemistry study Hall is the membership site that I created for the purpose of being able to help dozens, even hundreds of students AT THE SAME TIME without being limited by the number of hours in the day, and without students being limited by budgetary confinement

As a member of the Study Hall I will be able to help YOU understand difficult concepts, work through practice problems, and even provide answers to your most pressing questions when no one else is around to help

You will get all this in the following 3 ways:

Weekly LIVE online topic-specific review sessions

Every week I host a live interactive review on a specific organic chemistry topic requested by students. I spend an entire hour breaking down the topic with detailed explanations and many practice problems to help test your understanding as we go along. Each session is fully interactive allowing you to ask as many questions as needed to ensure that you are confident with the material being discussed.

As a member you get to suggest the topic to be covered for the upcoming live review. You can even submit homework/practice questions or quizzes to be solved and explained during the live session.

Can’t make the time for a live session?

FULL library of past session recordings

(nearly 3 dozen videos and counting)

Every live session is recorded, edited for brevity/clarity, and then posted on in the membership library for you to review. This allows you to experience the session days, weeks, or months after the fact. You can watch the videos wherever you’d like and rewind as often as necessary.

Every session is posted with a complete video index so that you can skip around if you are simply looking for the explanation of a specific topic.

What if you have a question on what was covered in the session? Since these are recordings of interactive sessions, chances are that if you have a question on a topic at hand, one of the students who attended live likely had a similar question. If that’s the case you will be able to learn from the answer provided to the former student. You will even learn from answers to questions you didn’t even realize were important to ask

But what if you STILL have questions?

No matter how well a topic is explained, chances are YOU will still have a specific question, and so I want to be able to help you with those as well

Direct access to ME via members-only Facebook Group

That is why I have created an exclusive members-only Facebook group where you can post study and homework questions, and really any organic chemistry questions. My goal with this group is to create a community of like-minded students working diligently to ace their organic chemistry course

When you post a question it will typically be answered in less than 24 hours by me or other students in the group. I aim to log in at least twice a day, but let’s face it, as a true Facebook addict I log in too many times during the day. If you catch me online you may even have an answer in as little as 5 minutes

How amazing would it be to have access to everything mentioned above?

Perhaps you agree, perhaps you can’t wait to get in

But perhaps you’re also starting to wonder

Ok this sounds awesome, but I’m scared to know how much all of this costs?


Let’s review for a moment

[red_arrow_list width=”95{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06}”]

  • I mentioned that I charge up to $100 per hour for organic chemistry tutoring
  • If we take the value of weekly live sessions that comes to $100/week and $400 per month
  • If we add the value of the nearly 3-dozen sessions posted in the library, that’s another $3500
  • If we add in the value of getting your daily questions answered in the Facebook group, that easily adds another $250 to the value of the membership


This easily adds up to $4,000+

However, if I created a 4-figure monthly price tag

Or even a 3-figure monthly price tag

Then the Study Hall would be priced right out of the average student budget

And as I mentioned before, the purpose of creating a membership site was to allow me to work with dozens of students at the same time, without the limitations of time and budget

And, given that the study hall ALLOWS me to work with dozens of students at the same time, I am able to place a much lower price tag on the membership site

The current membership price is just $67/month.

As a loyal subscriber I would like to offer you a limited time discounted membership.

Sign up using the orange payment button below and lock in a lifetime membership rate of just $49/month

This is a no-contract, stay as long as you like and cancel anytime membership

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This includes access to:

[green_tick_1_list width=”90{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06}”]

  • Weekly live sessions ($100 value = $400/mo)
  • Nearly 3-dozen recorded sessions ($100 value = $3,000 +)
  • Post daily questions on Facebook ($$250/mo)
  • The confidence to ace your course (Pricele$$)


Perhaps you’re not sure if the Study Hall is for you?


[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 7 Day 100{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06} Money Back Guarantee”]

I want to help you make that decision risk free, with a 7-day 100{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06} money back guarantee

If you join the membership, and then decide it simply isn’t for you within 7 days

Send me an email and I will refund your payment

No questions asked



So what are you waiting for, sign up using the link below and get instant access to everything promised here

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If you’re still reading this, perhaps you’re STILL not sure

Don’t worry; this page won’t disappear for a while. You can return and join tomorrow, or next week

But let me ask you this:

How many times have you promised yourself that you would do something tomorrow or next week?

How many times have you sacrificed your academics with the promise of next week?

And where did that get you?

Can you really afford to wait for a never-ending tomorrow, or next week?

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