5 Must-Have Resources For Surviving Organic Chemistry

1- Review Books and Practice Problems

They say practice makes perfect, and this couldn’t be more true for organic chemistry. I recommend these books (click for my referral link to amazon) for review and practice problems

Organic Chemistry As A Second Language: First Semester Orgo 1 or Second Semester Orgo 2

Organic Chemistry For Dummies: First Semester Orgo 1 or Second Semester Orgo 2

2- Model Kit

This is especially important for beginner students. A model kit helps you visualize 3-dimensional structures for topics like Newman Projections, Chair Conformations, and Stereochemistry

Click to purchase the model kit I use (on Amazon)

3- YouTube Tutorial Videos

Stuck on a topic, need a quick explanation? Check out these YouTube channels for helpful tutorial videos

Leah4sci on YouTube (my channel)
Frank Wong aka Orgo Made Easy
Ron Davis aka Chem Survival

4- Private Tutoring

A private tutor will work with you on YOUR schedule and YOUR difficulties to help you understand and master the material.

Click HERE to find a local tutor on Wyzant. Simply type your subject and zip-code at the top right
Click HERE to work with me personally in an online session

5- Online Membership Site
Looking for the benefits of tutoring without the expense. Check out my online organic chemistry membership site
Organic Chemistry Study Hall