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Leah Fisch

But before you go, let me ask you something? Did you work through the entire quiz? How did you find it?

Did you get stuck on any of the questions? Did you know how to do them but find they took too long?

Do you think a PDF solution will be enough, or perhaps you want more?

How about the complete video solutions with step by step explanations and Q&A along the way?

MCAT Math Mini Bootcamp

I recently taught a 4-hour MCAT Math Mini-Bootcamp with a focus on MCAT style science questions with mathematical solutions.

The goal of this bootcamp is to teach you how think through and reason your way to a quick and confident solution. This confidence frees your time for more difficult questions, and gives you the courage to continue, knowing math is NOT slowing you down.

Here is what you get with the Bootcamp Videos

Session 1 = Math simplification basics. Rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, some decimals and fractions – practiced via dimensional analysis and unit conversion problems.
Session 2 – Advanced math including scientific notation, squares, square roots, more decimals and fractions – practiced via more complex dimensional analysis and multi-unit problems solving (think PV=nRT, Force equations…)
Session 3 – Trigonometry practiced as kinematics and forces including vectors and inclined planes
Session 4 – Logs and Anti logs practiced as acid/base pH/pKa and similar problems.
Each session includes the workshop video, full-color PDF session notes, and the recorded Q&A to explain concepts that arose within that question.

As a Bonus:

To help you master the science behind these math questions, I’m including the following videos in your MCAT Math Bootcamp as a bonus (each video is around an hour or longer)

  • Forces in MCAT Physics Workshop Video + Notes – to help you follow along with the Forces questions
  • Acid/Base and pH Workshop Video + notes – to help you follow along the acid/base sciences
  • Math Quiz Solution/Q&A Session Workshop video Part 1 + Notes (First part only. Part 2 pending)

So how much does it cost? I charge $95 for an hour of private tutoring, and that’s just my weekday rate WITHOUT video recordings. But you can access this entire bootcamp, 4 video sessions + 3 bonus sessions for 90 days, for less than the cost of a 2 hour session.

Sign up today and pay just $149 for everything listed above.

Subscriber Discount: Sign up today and get access to the bootcamp videos + bonus videos for a one-time payment of $125

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