leah fisch leah4sciAre you worried that a weak grasp in general chemistry will cost you MCAT points on the physical sciences section? While physics tends to be the most difficult topic to master, chemistry is where you need to gain your extra points to balance it out.
But if you have a weak foundation in general chemistry AND in physics, you may find yourself heading for an unacceptable overall MCAT score and potential rejection from the medical school of your choice.

But unlike your general chemistry course, MCAT chemistry is not simply a compilation of topics to know and equations to punch into a calculator.
Instead, to truly conquer the MCAT chemistry questions you must have a solid foundation based on a logical and intuitive understanding of concepts.
Truly knowing the ‘what and how’ of every topic and equation will allow you to apply your knowledge to tricky MCAT questions instead of freezing up if the information is presented in an alternate form.

But if your MCAT prep books and courses focus just on facts and formulas, how do you get that logical foundation?

Announcing the Foundations in MCAT Chemistry Bootcamp

After September’s Foundations in MCAT Physics bootcamp I received an overwhelming number of request to run a follow-up MCAT Chemistry Bootcamp.

This bootcamp will take place over the course of an entire week, so that we can work through the entire AAMC suggested general chemistry outline. I will teach on concepts, explain the what and how of each fact and equation, and provide practice problems to work through during the session.

How It Works:

The bootcamp will be conducted using my tablet along with GoToWebinar – a screen sharing program. This allows you to log in from any computer, laptop or tablet/ipad with a decent internet connection.

You will hear me teach and watch my screen as I draw out concepts and work through equations.

You will also have the ability to type in questions throughout the entire session to ensure that you truly understand what is being taught.

And if you need to hear the information more than once?

Many students need to hear an explanation 2 or 3 times before it really sinks in. That’s why every bootcamp session will be recorded, and the videos posted into the bootcamp site within 24 hours. This will allow you to re-watch the videos and process at your own pace. This is also helpful if your schedule does not allow you to attend every session.

MCAT Chemistry Bootcamp Schedule

The MCAT chemistry bootcamp will run from Monday 15 September through Friday 19 September, 6:30 – 10pm Eastern Time as follows:

  • 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm  Session 1
    • 7:30pm – 7:45 pm Break
  • 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm Session 2
    • 8:45 pm – 9:00 pm Break
  • 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm Session 3

Tentative Topic Schedule

This schedule will be finalized once I write out my teaching notes to ensure that difficult topics are given extra time/attention to allow for student questions.

  1. Atoms and atomic structure/phenomena
  2. Quantum numbers, orbitals, shapes
  3. Boding – ionic, polar and non-polar covalent
  4. Gas and pressure
  5. Phases and phase change
  6. Colligative properties
  7. Stoichiometry and Conversions Part 1
  8. Stoichiometry and Conversions Part 2
  9. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
  10. Reactions Rates – chemical kinetics and equilibrium
  11. Solutions and solubility
  12. Acids/Bases pH/pOH
  13. Buffers and Titrations
  14. Electrochemistry
  15. Safety session if we require extra time on a previous topic

Included with the General Chemistry Bootcamp

[green_tick_1_list width=”90{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06}”]

  • Access to the live sessions listed above
    Each topic listed above will be conducted as a live interactive session to ensure you understand the material and get your questions answered alone the way
  • Video recordings of every bootcamp session
    Need to hear the information more than once? Each session will be recorded allowing you to watch the videos over and over till you feel confident with the information
  • Full color PDF of the notes from every session
    Note-taking can be distracting, especially during an interactive session. So don’t worry about writing down what you see on screen. You focus on listening and learning, and I’ll write the notes. Everything you see me write will be saved as a full-color PDF for you to download and study
  • General Chemistry Unit and equation derivation guide
    Don’t have all the equations memorized yet? Not familiar with deriving units? Let me worry about that by providing you with a formula guide prior to the bootcamp so that you can follow along and focus on learning.


As a bonus you will also receive the following:

[black_tick_list width=”80{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06}”]

  • Video Recording + Notes from past and future MCAT Chemistry workshops
    Electrochemistry (Sep 8 workshop)
    Acids and Bases (Sep 13 workshop)
  • Atomic Phenomena + Nuclear Chemistry Video Recording + Notes from the MCAT Physics Bootcamp Session
  • Access to the private MCAT Study Hall Facebook Group. A group of like-minded pre-med students, all working to help each other prepare for the MCAT and medical school by answering questions and offering advice
  • Email access to me for guidance and advice in your MCAT preparation process


So How Much Does This Cost?

As you know, I charge $75/hour for weekday tutoring sessions and $100/hour for limited night/weekend sessions. However, with the new semester in full swing and 2014 MCAT nearing it’s end, my schedule is flooded with tutoring requests.

In offering this bootcamp I get to work with multiple students at the same time, and you get the benefit of working with me for a fraction of the cost.

Get everything mentioned above for a one-time payment of $399

Limited time offer, join today and save $50