Leah FischMCAT sciences are not tested individually. To truly prepare for the Chem/Phys and Bio/Biochem sections you must tackle every topic individually from the ground up. You have to learn the structures, functions, enzymes, hormones and so much more…

Once you understand what they are you must learn how they work together and how they influence each other.

And when you’ve mastered this level you must then learn how this system and all of its components interact with all the other systems and pathways you’ve studied.

In doing so you will be able to approach a complex research-based passages with confidence, pick out what you understand to understand the questions.

This coming week I’ll be teaching one of these systems with this exact approach. We’ll look at the What, Why and How of Reproduction and Embryogenesis taught from the ground, carefully following the AAMC outline to ensure we cover everything you’re responsible to learn:

Join me Wed & Thu (12/13 Aug) starting at 6:30pm ET for about 3 hours each night to learn:

  • Embryogenesis
    • Stages of early development (order and general features of each)
    • Fertilization
    • Cleavage
    • Blastula formation
    • Gastrulation
    • First cell movements
    • Formation of primary germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm)
    • Neurulation
    • Major structures arising out of primary germ layers
    • Neural crest
    • Environment–gene interaction in development
  • Reproductive sequence: fertilization; implantation; development; birth
  • Pregnancy, parturition, lactation
Screenshot of Spermatogenesis session notes

Full appreciate of this topic requires a thorough understanding of the male and female reproductive systems, as well as a deep understanding of gametogenesis (spermatogenesis and oogenesis). To give you that solid foundation I’m including my recent  Mini Bio Bootcamp:

  • Male and Female Reproductive System Videos (6 hours of live sessions, still in editing to be posted by this weekend) including:
    • Male and female reproductive structures and their functions
    • Gonads
    • Genitalia
    • Differences between male and female structures
    • Hormonal control of reproduction
    • Male and female sexual development
    • Female reproductive cycle
    • Hormone Control
    • Gametogenesis by meiosis
    • Ovum and sperm
    • Differences in formation
    • Differences in morphology
    • Relative contribution to next generation
  • Additional Bonus: Thursday’s Mitosis/Meiosis Workshop

BLESS2I was really hesitant and worried that [your videos] would be just as useless as the other prep companies and only give surface explanation of topics but boy was I wrong. You go waaaayyy in depth and explain all the foundational concepts

~ Bless

Exactly What’s Included 

By signing up for this Mini Bio-Bootcamp you get all of the following:

Reproduction/Embryogenesis Mini-Bootcamp (6 hours, $299 value)

  • Wed/Thu live sessions to learn, participate, and ask questions every step of the way.
  • Video Recordings posted within 24-48 hours.
    Can’t make it live? Need to see/hear it again? Watch the recordings over and over till you’ve mastered the material.
  • full color PDF notes. You need to focus on learning, I take the notes for you so that you can download and study on the go.
  • 60 days access to ensure you have ample time to catch-up and learn.
Screenshot of Mitosis/Meiosis Workshop notes
Screenshot of Mitosis/Meiosis Workshop notes

Fe/Male Reproductive System Bonus Mini-Bootcamp (~6 hours $299 value)

  • Video Recordings of the entire mini-series for you to study and learn at your own pace.
  • full color PDF notes. You need to focus on learning, I take the notes for you so that you can download and study on the go.
  • 60 days access to ensure you have ample time to catch-up and learn.

Bonus Mitosis/Meiosis Workshop ($49 value)

  • Video recording of the in-depth breakdown of Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Full color PDF notes with detailed drawings to follow along

I charge my tutoring clients between $95-$125 per hour for private tutoring, and $99-$149 for a 3-hour mini bio bootcamp, I want to extend (fix this) a special offer. For a limited time only, join the upcoming Mini-Bio Bootcamp and get everything mentioned above for a one-time payment of just $249


StephanieAfter trying the big name MCAT prep classes and struggling through overfilled, online, scripted lessons, I finally stumbled upon Leah. She takes the time to not just explain the concepts thoroughly, but puts them into perspective so it’s not just memorizing topics, but rather understanding the big picture concepts. Her explanations and personal attention are a much more “human” approach to learning the information for the MCAT.

~ Stephanie