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Before you go, let me ask you something…

Did you struggle when working through the quiz? Were you confused by questions and concepts?
Leah FischAre you tired of sitting on class staring at your professor but not making sense of what’s being taught? Does your 2-dimensional book make you want to cry when attempting to understand 3-dimensional chiral molecules?

Are you worried that your model kit is only causing you to waste EVEN MORE time without helping you understand R & S, enantiomers or diastereomers?

Did you memorize the rules for Absolute Configuration to find R and S but don’t feel confident that you get what’s going on?

If you answered yes to any of the above, read on.

I understand your frustration, and understand how difficult it is to make sense of 3-dimensional topics on 2-dimensional paper. But I also understand the joy of actually getting this concept to the point where you can quickly and confidently solve even the most complicated problems.

The key is to start with the basics. Learn, understand, work through practice problems

Only THEN can you advance to the more difficult concepts.

But how do you learn to master the basics of chirality before moving on?

How about if I teach it to you with step by step explanations, full color drawings and molecular demonstrations every step of the way?


Introducing – Chirality and Stereochemistry Mini-Bootcamp!

That’s right!

An entire crash course on Stereochemistry taking you through each concept step by step with logical explanations and LOTS of practice!


To ensure that you learn, understand, and ARE ABLE TO APPLY what you’ve learned to practice questions.

This is a Self-Paced Stereochemistry Mini Bootcamp.

Session 1 – Chirality Basics + Practice
Introduction to chirality ‘handedness’ and identifying chiral centers in complex molecules

Session 2 – Finding R&S + Swap Method + Practice
R/S When group #4 is forward, back, and in the plane. comparing potential enantiomers and more

Session 3 – Multiple Chiral Centers + Practice
Multi-chiral Enantiomers, Diastereomers, and Meso compounds

Session 4 – Stereochemistry of Tricky Molecules + Practice
Tricky referring to Fischer projections, Newman Projections, and chair confirmations

Bonus Session: Stereochemistry Quiz (Live Monday) + Video Recording
That crazy quiz on my site – watch the video to see how I solve every question with step by step explanations

Are you the type of person who needs to hear the information twice?

That’s ok!

When you sign up for the bootcamp you get 60 days access to the bootcamp session video recordings + session notes.

Yes Leah, I’d love to join your chirality mini-bootcamp to ensure I ACE my stereo exam and orgo final.

I typically charge $95-$125 per hour for private tutoring. This bootcamp includes the edited recordings of 4 hour-long bootcamp sessions along with over 2 hours for the quiz review.

But instead of paying over $400, sign up and get access to everything above for just $149

One Time Special Offer: Sign up today and take 33% off the Stereochemistry Bootcamp. Pay just $99 today


Questions I’ve received regarding the bootcamp


Question: My finals are scheduled for early December, is it possible to get access through finals?

Within reason I will grant you a custom extension. Email me after signing up and include a copy of your syllabus and final exam dates. I will not offer extensions past December 2015

Question: Does the bootcamp cover all topics for orgo 1?

No. This is just  chirality/stereochemistry bootcamp. The exact topics covered are listed above. This bootcamp is set up in a manner that will ensure you are confident with everything related to chirality/stereochemistry.