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I trust that you will find the tips in my ebook guide useful and easy to implement

But before you go, let me ask you something…

How would you like to work with me one on one in a series of private tutoring sessions where we can dissect your study material together and ensure that you have the proper foundation and understanding of the concepts at hand?

You see, in addition to creating YouTube tutorial videos, I also run a 1-woman private tutoring company Leah4sci

Leah4sci actually stands for Leah (me) for Sciences given that I tutor general/organic chemistry, biology and physics

Though I started with just local tutoring in NY, I now offer online tutoring as well. This allows you to attend a session from anywhere you can find an internet connection

How Leah4sci Began

I actually started my undergrad as a pre-med student. I enjoyed the sciences but found school itself to be a bit… boring

So I got certified as an EMT, joined the US Navy Reserves,  and signed up for a part-time job as a peer tutor at my school’s learning center

After 6 years, a dual-degree, and a military deployment to the Middle East (photo on right near Iraq), I realized that my passion lies in teaching, especially when it comes to exciting and difficult courses like organic chemistry

Unlike your professor, who is likely teaching out of a commitment to the university, I have a passion for teaching and my students know it

When working with me, our combined goal will be to ensure that you have a strong foundation of concepts and detailed understanding of the information at hand.

We will accomplish this by dissecting any difficult subject material you come across. We can also work through your homework problems together as well as practice quizzes and old exams

Each question will be approached with the goal of understanding WHY and HOW to derive the answer

I want to build your skills to the point where you feel confident enough to apply this information to any question that shows up in future quizzes and exams

You may even come to the realization that not only do you no longer FEAR organic chemistry, but perhaps you even enjoy it

How It Works:

I use a tablet PC in conjunction with a screen sharing program. This allows you to view my screen instead of staring at me for the duration (boring). Think of it as an ‘interactive video’. You will be able to chat with me and ask questions as we work through problems and draw out mechanisms

But don’t think that you will be able to drift off just because I’m doing all the writing. I like to keep my sessions interactive and keep you on your toes. Throughout the session I will be asking you for the next step and to explain what’s going on. I will push you to your academic limits making you understand concepts you haven’t even considered

And to ensure that you are not distracted, I will encourage you NOT to take notes during our session. Instead I will add notes to my drawings as needed or requested, (see image of notes from recent session) and email you the entire file as a PDF after the session for your future study and review.


Tutoring Hours and Rates

My standard Tutoring hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm ET (NY time)

I also offer LIMITED night/weekend sessions

I charge $75/hr for weekday sessions and $100/hr for night/weekend sessions


New Subscriber Tutoring Discount Package

As a new subscriber I’d like to offer you a special tutoring package

3 hours of tutoring NOT LIMITED to my weekday schedule

for $300 just $199

Click the payment button below to claim your 33{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06} ($101) savings

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Your Next Steps:

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  • Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button
  • Complete payment process using your credit card or paypal account
  • Fill out the questionnaire to give me an idea of your schedule and tutoring needs
  • we’ll confirm days/hours for your sessions (3 x 60 minute or 2 x 90 minute)
  • I will send you session login link and details


Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of students master organic chemistry

I’ve helped previously failing students pass exams

and struggling students rise to the tops of their class


My question to you then,

Are YOU ready to be my next success story?

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