You’ve Heard the Rumors, Organic Chemistry is a difficult course


Do you feel that your professor is pushing you to learn 14 weeks of material in a 5-8 week summer session WITHOUT PROPER TEACHING??

Does it seem impossible to PASS yet alone get an A?

Not Anymore!

Join me THIS SUNDAY EVENING for an interactive web-based training as I take you through 8 Must-Have Strategies for Surviving Your Summer Organic Chemistry Course, and raising your exam scores

In this interactive web-based training I will teach you the following:

[green_tick_1_list width=”90{50d57943994ce258c20b4f2a090fc61f8495997aebd30fe1b6d419dfd44a0e06}”]

  • The most effective way to PREPARE for lecture
  • What to focus on, in class, textbook and studies
  • Most effective ways to learn reactions, reagents and mechanisms
  • How to find outside help when you get stuck
  • and so much more…

[/green_tick_1_list] All you need to participate in this live training is an internet connection. You can access the review from your computer, laptop, tablet, iPad and even your smart phone