Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone who filled out the 2014 MCAT Study Hall survey. The 8 replies were EXTREMELY valuable in helping me understand your needs. Some ideas will be implemented, some are not feasible at this moment but will certainly remain a potential. If you haven’t filled it out please do so HERE before you continue reading.

As you know, I’ve been toying with the idea of what to do and how to extend. This program was supposed to expire in Nov, then students asked through Jan so I said Feb 1. I was planning to delete the membership site to start a new one for 2015…

So here are the 3 options I’ve prepared allowing to extend and maintain access to what you have now, or upgrade and get access to my 2015 program as follows.

2015 MCAT Science Study Hall Details

Subject to change as I’m still working out dates/details but this is approximately what will be included:

  • NEW Physics bootcamp following the 2015 outline, spread over 1-2 weeks and 20 teaching hour to allow for more breaks, more in-depth material coverage, and more recuperation time in between. Videos + PDF notes
    Price TBD $300-450, Event date: Late Feb to VERY early March 2015
  • NEW Chemistry bootcamp following the 2015 outline, spread over 1-2 weeks, ~20 teaching hours similar to physics above. Videos + PDF notes
    Price TBD $300-$400, Event Date: Late March 2015
  • Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 Bootcamps. This year’s orgo bootcamp taught to my Orgo 1 and 2 students will have a heavier focus on the MCAT. AND I will include a bootcamp preview session to help MCAT students know where to tune in/out. Videos + PDF notes
    Price TBD $400-$500 for the combo and MCAT preview session. Date: last 2 weeks in April
  • MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp following AAMC outline. Entire bootcamp outline pending, likely spread over 2 weeks
    Price TBD, Event Date: Mid to late May 2015
  • MCAT Biology – I’m still debating with a full bootcamp vs a series of single-topic mini-bootcamps taught 1 per month in the topic order requested by students.
    Price depends on time/topic, regular price ranging $100-200 each
  • MCAT Math Bootcamp – 4 video sessions + notes, + math quiz video solutions (part 2 pending)
  • Topic Specific Quizzes: For every new YouTube video series I will include a free quiz on my website, to be followed by a quiz review workshop. Some promo (free) rest for members only. Video recordings for members only. Expect 0.5-1 quizzes per month
  • Bonus videos include recordings of every promo (free) workshop
  • 90 minute evening office hours 2/month + bonus workshop office hour sessions during non-bootcamp months.
  • Facebook Group
  • Discounts on private tutoring and any non-MCAT workshop such as my orgo mini-bootcamps starting with Spectroscopy next month. (regular price 100-200 each)
  • Bonus invites to orgo study hall sessions (regular orgo, not MCAT but still helpful)
  • Bonus: Retain access to all your 2014 material for the duration of your 2015 membership.

As you can see, the 2015 MCAT science study hall will be completely redesigned to give you the best possible experience in preparing for the new exam and valued at over 2k. Yes it’s more than the ‘big name’ companies and doesn’t include psych/soc or full length practice exams, but you’re dealing with a single person (me) who does this full time instead of a nameless/faceless corporation with a bunch of overwhelming course material and confusing tech support who don’t really care about the real person on the other end.

That being said, this course is currently in its infancy and will be created as a series of live events planned for the future.

I will be offering early bird discounts ranging from $800-$1,000 when I officially open the doors mid-February

ok blah blah blah get to the point, right?

Here are the 3 options I’ve put together for you as a loyal member.

Option 1 – Extension of YOUR 2014 membership at $79/mo with a max of ~6 months because I will want to remove the 2014 pages from the site at some point. Regardless of when you sign up, you extension runs monthly from Feb 1 (to March 1, Apr 1…)

Option 2 – Upgrade to the 2015 MCAT Science Study Hall includes everything listed above + extension. 4-month program + 1 bonus month since the program doesn’t officially start till mid-February, for just $599. Option to extend will be offered by July 1 for new material only

Option 3 – installment plan for option 2 at $125/month for 5 months. Payment plan is an agreement to make all payments, not to sign up then decide to cancel early after your exam. I hesitated to include this having been burned by a handful of students last year.