Lab Techniques

Lab Techniques PCR

Video Breakdown:

0:00 Intro. To PCR
6:58 Steps of PCR Defined
7:50 Denaturation
13:21 Overview of DNA Structure and Primers
22:48 Annealing
28:20 Elongation and Products of Each Cycle
34:41 Classic Technique
37:47 Taq Polymerase
38:50 Modern Experimental Technique

DNA Lab Techniques – Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Video Breakdown:

0:00 Intro to Electrophoresis
5:03 Basis of Separation
10:42 SDS-PAGE vs. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
14:04 Making of the gel
18:42 Loading DNA Sample
20:35 Adding a Dye
23:01 What is a DNA Ladder?
27:38 Overview of Electrochemistry
34:42 Interpreting Results of a Gel Electrophoresis
37:55 Role of the Buffer
46:24 Summary of Session

DNA Lab Techniques – Chromatography

Video Breakdown:

0:27 Definition of Chromatography and sample paper chromatography
16:38 The difference between the stationary or mobile phase
25:16 An example using the most polar molecule
29:14 Two purposes of chromatography and the two types : column and planar (TLC)
40:08 How gas chromatography works
41:53 Vocabulary for separation
52:50 Separation of 3-hexanone and 1-hexanol using column chromatography
55:10 The process of Flash Chromatography
56:13 Review and more examples using different types of chromatography
76:33 Ion Chromatography description
85:35 Size exclusion chromatography or molecular size exclusion chromatography and example
92:36 The process of reverse phase chromatography and modification of beads