Leah FischYes Leah,

As discussed on the live workshop, I want to join your MCAT Science Study Hall and work with you to prepare for my upcoming exam.

Monthly Option – Ideal for Jan Testers

$350 per month cancel after your exam. 


4-Month Option just $1,399 today



7-Month Option $1,699 today


Here’s What William and Stephanie have to say about the MCAT Study Hall


“After trying the big name MCAT prep classes and struggling through overfilled, online, scripted lessons, I finally stumbled upon Leah. She takes the time to not just explain the concepts thoroughly, but puts them into perspective so it’s not just memorizing topics, but rather understanding the big picture concepts. Her explanations and personal attention are a much more “human” approach to learning the information for the MCAT. “

~ Stephanie – US Army, Premed Student


Reminder of What’s Included in the MCAT Science Study Hall

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Getting Started:

  • Aug/Sep Testers: 45-70 minute MCAT Strategy Session to set up your study schedule and study plan
  • Jan/April Testers: Two-Part MCAT Strategy session. Part 1 to get you on a solid content/review schedule, Part 2 in late Fall to get you on a proper exam/review schedule.

MCAT Science Study Hall Coursework

  • MCAT Physics Bootcamp video series + session notes
  • MCAT Chemistry Bootcamp video series + session notes
  • MCAT Biochemistry Bootcamp video series + session notes
  • Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 Bootcamp video series + session notes
  • MCAT Bio mini bootcamp video series: Genetics 1 & 2, Prokaryotes, Viruses + new series twice a month.
  • Recordings + notes of all past/future Office Hours and Q&A sessions

Live and Interactive

  • Live Bio mini-bootcamps 3 hours each, twice per month
  • Bimonthly Office Hours (90 minutes each)
  • One-Hour Tutoring Session Only available your second month of membership
  • Text me, email me, FB me… so that you’re never stuck or confused
  • Regular progress check-in to ensure you’re on track and reaching your goals

MCAT Study Hall Bonuses

  • Members-Only Facebook Group COMPETITION FREE zone to ask questions
  • Bonus Monthly Workshops (like tonight’s Electrochemistry Workshop)
  • 30 minute for Aug/Sep students, 1-hour for January package, 2x 1-hour for April package.