Leah FischYes Leah,

As mentioned in the Mitosis/Meiosis workshop, I’d love to join you for next week’s Reproduction Biology Mini Bootcamp.

Live Sessions will take place on Wednesday and Thursday (13/14 August) Starting at 6:30 pm Eastern for ~3 hours each night

(Q&A will determine ultimate duration. More questions = more learning)

LIVE Reproduction Mini Bootcamp Series Will Cover:

  • Embryogenesis
    • Stages of early development (order and general features of each)
    • Fertilization
    • Cleavage
    • Blastula formation
    • Gastrulation
    • First cell movements
    • Formation of primary germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm)
    • Neurulation
    • Major structures arising out of primary germ layers
    • Neural crest
    • Environment–gene interaction in development
  • Reproductive sequence: fertilization; implantation; development; birth
  • Pregnancy, parturition, lactation

As a bonus you’ll get access to the following Bio Bootcamp Series

  • Male and Female Reproductive System Videos (6 hours of live sessions, still in editing to be posted by this weekend) including:
    • Male and female reproductive structures and their functions
    • Gonads
    • Genitalia
    • Differences between male and female structures
    • Hormonal control of reproduction
    • Male and female sexual development
    • Female reproductive cycle
    • Hormone Control
    • Gametogenesis by meiosis
    • Ovum and sperm
    • Differences in formation
    • Differences in morphology
    • Relative contribution to next generation
  • Plus tonight’s Mitosis/Meiosis Workshop Video – to be posted this weekend

By signing up for the Reproduction Mini-Bootcamp you will have access to the live sessions AS WELL AS access to all the recordings for up to 60 days.

While I charge between $95-$125 per hour for tutoring, you can access everything here at the workshop special discount for just $99 today.

This includes

  • Live Sessions as listed above
  • Video Recordings (60 days)
  • Full color PDF Notes
  • All the bonus sessions listed above